Will Hinge dating app work on multiple devices?

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Hinge, the ambitious dating app from ex-Facebook employees, has released an Android version. So, does it work? Well, all we have at the moment are some screenshots and a few details about its functionality (and no release date).

Matching on Hinge [How Does it Work?]

Will Hinge dating app work on multiple devices?

  • Yes, the Hinge official dating app is available for Android and IOS devices, and also there is a desktop version for PC and Windows devices.
  • You can download and use it on multiple devices simultaneously.

People Also Asked:

Use Hinge while traveling

Of course you can use Hinge while traveling. We’re always happy to help match you up with a great person that you can meet out of town.

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Hinge tracks IP address

Hinge only tracks your IP address when you sign up, and then again when you log in. This information is used to calculate the location of other daters that could be a good match for you. Hinge doesn’t track your IP address after you log off or when you are just browsing profiles.

Coming across someone twice on Hinge

You can come across someone twice on Hinge if they have opted in to see your profile, or if you’ve said yes.

Hinge works everywhere

Hinge works everywhere

Hinge allows you to date people you may have met on your daily routine, or friends of friends. It can work everywhere!

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Hinge is both a dating and hookup site

Hinge is a dating and hookup app. Hinge lets you connect with people with common interests and goals, then explore the relationship further based on shared interests, mutual attraction, and chemistry.

The same guy keeps appearing on Hinge

You’ve been seeing the same guy on Hinge. If neither of you are talking or connecting in any way, it’s probably not a match. But if you keep going back to the same place for more; maybe you should give him a shot.

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Getting banned on Hinge

You have been banned from Hinge because you have violated our terms of use. Specifically, we have found that you have sent an excessive number of unsolicited messages to other members without any prior communication between you and that user. You are not allowed to send unsolicited messages to any other users.

Hinge doesn’t pick up your location

Hinge doesn’t pick up your location automatically. When you sign up for Hinge, you’re asked to give us your location, and we will only use this information to help us create a more accurate match for you.

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