Why won’t eBay let me print shipping label?

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I have printed hundreds of shipping labels for my eBay customers. In this article I’ll walk you through the reason behind printing shipping labels and some tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot your problems

eBay Problem Trying To Edit Buyers Address For Printing Shipping Label FIX!

Why won’t eBay let me print shipping label?

  • This is your first time using this service and you’re using a mobile device to complete the transaction.
  • Since the initial bill will be sent to PayPal and you’ll be paying for shipping, I advise you to use a computer to verify that you want to use Paypal before you proceed.
  • You should be able to print your label on your mobile device after this initial label/billing agreement.

People Also Asked:

eBay shipping label not printing

If the shipping label doesn’t print, you may need to try with your computer and after that you can do it on your mobile. Then go back to the shipping labels, select the reprint option and make sure you have an active internet connection at the time of reprinting

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If can’t print out a shipping label

If you can’t print out a shipping label, you can manually enter the delivery name and address. This system is only applicable if you’re shipping to a US street address.

Can’t I print a USPS shipping label

You can’t print a USPS shipping label if your order hasn’t been shipped yet. To find out the estimated time to ship for each product, visit the product page or look for a date under the “Estimated Arrival” heading on your shipment details page.

Print a copy of a shipping label on eBay

Print a copy of a shipping label on eBay

You can print a copy of a shipping label on eBay by following these steps: Open the order to which you want to print a label. Click on the “Print Shipping Label” link in the action menu. You will be taken through the checkout process where you can choose your shipping carrier, enter your information and confirm your order details.

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Changing shipping label size on eBay

To change your shipping label size on eBay: Log in to your account Go to the “Selling” section of My eBay Click “Shipment settings” then select “Shipping labels size.” Select the label size that you’d like to use, then save.

No services available meaning on eBay

If no services are available on eBay at the moment, it means that there aren’t any items that you can bid on or buy right now. You may see this message if you try to complete a transaction that requires signing up, like selling items or buying an item as a guest. You can still browse and search for items on eBay and bid on or buy auctions appropriate to your membership level.

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Changing the printer settings on eBay

To change your print settings on eBay: Go to the ‘Bid and buy’ section of My eBay and click ‘Print’. Select ‘Printer’ from the drop down menu at the top. Change your printer settings. Click ‘Done’ when you’re done.

Size labels for eBay shipping

There are many different sizes and shapes of labels for eBay shipping, including 7.4 x 4.5 and 3.675 x 3. They are all equally valid, as long as they meet eBay’s minimum requirements for label dimensions and printing. 

Dont have to print eBay shipping label

You don’t have to print eBay shipping label. You can use the mobile app to track your shipments and enter the tracking number manually.

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