Why some people are keen on using Life360?

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I want to be clear that I am not a technological expert, and I don’t pretend to be. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a great technology when I see one. And make no mistake, Life360 is worth talking about! I’ve used this navigation app many times and have been very impressed with how well it works.

Life360: how to track your family

Why some people are keen on using Life360?

  • Because Life360 shows you where your family and friends are located, so you can check in with them, or let them know when you’ve arrived.
  • You can do this with voice commands, on a desktop computer, or with our free app.
  • Life36- even offers a security feature that lets you monitor your family members and friends from anywhere from the palm of your hand!
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Life360 is an amazing app

Life360 offers a convenient way to let all of your family and friends know when you’re on the way and where you’re headed. Whether it’s your loved ones or colleagues, Life360 puts them at ease knowing they can always track you down.

Life360 seeing what you do on your phone

Life360 does not see what you do on your phone, though you can share live locations and driving updates with friends, family, or emergency contacts. Those people will be able to see where you are and when you got there.

Things you can do on Life360

Life360 is a free app to help you keep your family safe. You can see where they are, check-in on their drive, get crisis alerts and more. All of this together can help you stay connected while living busy lives.

Tracking a family members location

Tracking a family members location

Tracking your family members is easy with Life360. We just added the ability to track a family member’s location on their phone from your Family Map. To track a family member, follow these steps:

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The pros of Life360

Life360 is a lifesaver. No more worrying about family members, as Life360 will offer a reminder about where they are, who they’re with and when they last checked in. Plus, Life360 gives you the ability to automatically share your location with your family anytime you want!

Life360 tells when someone’s phone is off

Life360 will let you know if someone’s phone is off. If they are in your circle, you will get a message letting you know their phone was off.

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When someone checks your location on iPhone

If you’re worried about someone checking your location on iPhone, you can turn off that feature. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Turn off My Location.

Someone tracking your location from a text

Someone can track your location from a text. While the phone is turned on, it broadcasts its wireless network location to nearby cell towers. The person sending the text could triangulate your location using multiple cell towers to get a rough idea of where you are.

The green dot on Life360 

The green dot on the Life360 screen is a reminder that the member you are tracking has activated Life360’s drive detection feature.

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