Why my Telegram is not connecting?

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Your friend is asking you why your telegram is not connecting… Please help him out by giving advice and also give him a lesson on what every telegram user should know.

Proxy Settings in Telegram

Why my Telegram is not connecting?

  • Telegram is blocked in many countries, including Iran, Oman, and even Russia now.
  • In order to connect you will need to use a proxy like SOCKS5 or MTProto.
  • It supports such proxies that help users in masking their IP addresses, encrypting their messages, and remaining anonymous while chatting on Telegram.

People Also Asked:

Telegram proxies are safe

Telegram uses proxy servers that conceal your IP address, protect you from being tracked, and help keep your messages safe.

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Using a proxy in Telegram

You can use a proxy to boost your level of privacy on Telegram by masking your IP address. When using the software, you will have the option to use two types of proxies; SOCKS5 and MTProto. The proxy servers that support these protocols encrypt your messages and hide your IP so that you can stay safe when messaging people online.

Proxy server

A proxy server is a computer or software application that intermediates communication between clients, such as web browsers and other servers. A client connects to the proxy server via the Internet, controlling it by means of FTP, SMTP, or HTTP. The client issues requests for Internet resources through the proxy server which routes the request to its destination;

Removing proxy sponsor Channel in Telegram

Removing the proxy sponsor Channel in Telegram

You can remove the Proxy Sponsor Channel by going to Settings -> Channel, and unchecking “Proxy Sponsor”.

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Telegram is telling me to use proxy

There are two reasons why Telegram may be telling you to use a proxy: 1) if your connection to the Telegram server is unstable or unreliable, 2) if you are using a VPN.

Adding free proxy on Telegram

In Telegram, you can add a proxy site to use as a proxy. Telegram supports both HTTP and SOCKS5 as proxy types.

The use of the SOCKS5 proxy

SOCKS5 proxy is a type of firewall between your computer and the Internet. It is a client-side proxy that allows you to specify which programs can use it, what types of traffic can pass through it, and where those programs can connect to on the Internet. Using a SOCKS5 proxy means that no one will have access to your IP address or routing information, preventing you from getting DDoSed.

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MTProto proxy is safe.

Secure, private, and fast- Proxy MTProto. Designed to boost your internet speed.

Telegram is not work in Pakistan

Telegram is banned in Pakistan by PTA and other institutions, you need to use a proxy to connect to Telegram.

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