Why Life360 updating location seems important?

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I’ve been using Life360 for a few years and always wondered what it was actually attempting to do. Some quick research and testing finally revealed the answer.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

Why Life360 updating location seems important?

  • One of the most important features of Life360 is updating location.
  • It helps you keep your family informed about your whereabouts and well-being.
  • With Life360’s automatic driving reports, your family can see where you are at all times while driving and reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

People Also Asked:

Cant see someone’s location on Life360

If you’re having trouble seeing someone’s location in the app, it could be because they haven’t accepted the contact request and chosen to be tracked.

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If someone checks your location on Life360

If someone checks your Location on Life360, you will be notified on your phone and see a notification about the visit. This does not mean that this person was watching your every move like a stalker would. They may have had a reason for checking in.

Life360 updating when your phone is off

Life360 needs solid internet and GPS connection to update. It does not update when your phone is off.

Accuracy of Life360 on location

Accuracy of Life360 on location

Life360 is accurate to within about 50 feet of your location. These details also depend on the accuracy of your phone’s GPS, which can be affected by poor signal, metal objects in close proximity to your phone and other factors.

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If someone paused their location on Life360

You can tell if someone has paused their location on Life360 by looking for a gray dot in their location and no blue dot. You’ll be able to see who paused their location.

Telling if my child turned off Life360

If you can’t see a family member within Life360, it means that they turned off the app. To turn it back on, head to their phone or tablet, open the Life360 app and tap on their circle. Then select the button that says “Turn on Life360” and they will appear in your Family view once again. You can always re-sync with Life360 from here too.

Life360 works if Wi-Fi is off

Life360 has been designed to utilize any network connection, whether the phone is connected via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

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Life360 seeing what your doing on your phone

Life360 does not monitor the content of your messages or calls. Life360 is a mobile app designed to help families and friends keep safer, by sharing their location with one another. It is not a GPS tracker, nor does it track anything in your phone other than your location.

The location won’t refresh

If your location won’t refresh on Life360, it could mean that your phone is out of range or turned off. To update your location when you are out of range, tap the “Update my Location” button on the setting page.

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