Why is my Shein order taking forever?

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If your order is taking longer than expected to be delivered, the following may help:

Why is my Shein order is taking so long 

Why is my Shein order taking forever?

  • That’s typical Shein!
  • Shein’s slow shipments are the reason why many are hesitant to purchase from them.
  • But don’t let that scare you off! When it comes to price and quality, Shein is second to none.
  • Just be sure to order with extra time on hand.

People Also Asked:

It is taking so long for my Shein order

It takes times for Shein to ship out your items. Each item is shipped in a separate package and may take different amount of days to arrive. Once all the items are received back at our warehouse, it usually takes 24 hours to process your return

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Shein delivery time

The average delivery time for Shein is 4-7 Business days for U.S. orders, and 6-11 business days internationally. If you’re looking to get your order sooner, we recommend choosing our fast shipping option (US Only). We will notify you before processing any order that has not been shipped out within 48 hours by email.”

Getting Shein to order faster

Get your Shein order faster by choosing a faster shipping option at checkout. You can also select multiple items and we’ll ship them together.

Shein delivers before the estimated date

Shein delivers before the estimated date

Shein delivers before the estimated date. We deliver products to our customers according to their preferences and needs.

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My order stuck on shipped

Your order is stuck on shipped because we have made more progress on your tracking information than what’s visible to you. Don’t worry, your order has not been lost in the mail and you will receive your items as soon as possible.

Shein package not moving

Your package is currently not moving because it’s in the mail processing center. Since your package has been shipped, you will receive an email when it is out for delivery.

Knowing if Shein lost my package

There are a lot of reasons why your package might not arrive on time or at all. If your package has not arrived within 30 days and there is no update on the tracking information, it’s time to contact Shein customer service.

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Shein refunds your money

Shein refund your money if you dont recieve your order or when the item was damaged or damaged in transit. Request to return or exchange within 20 days from the date order is received

Shein says package still in transit

It can take up to 3 business days for your package to be delivered. If you checked the status of the package and it still says in transit, please wait another 48 hours and then track it again.

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