Why is my package from the UK taking so long on eBay?

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Is your package from the UK taking forever to get to your door? It’s not a polite question but I’m asking it anyway. Here’s why.

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Why is my package from the UK taking so long on eBay?

  • Many buyers choose to shop on eBay UK as it offers an amazing selection of items from all over the globe.
  • If you’re buying from the UK, it’s important to remember that shipping times might take a little bit longer than domestic shipments.
  • This is because most sellers in the UK ship their items with Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide which means they go through customs first.

People Also Asked:

Safe to buy from eBay UK

All the items on eBay UK are screened for quality and safety before they are listed. Buyers and sellers can leave feedback ratings and comments to help other shoppers make informed decisions, so you can trust what you buy. 

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GBP definition

GBP is an abbreviation for Great British Pound. Because the internet began in England, this country was given the honor of having their currency abbreviated as GBP. Today, many countries around the world use similar abbreviations such as USD for U.S. Dollar or EUR for Euro.

Royal Mail to USA

Royal Mail (or ParcelForce, depending on your region) is not fast. As of right now, it takes anywhere from 25 days to over a month to go through customs and get delivered to the US. In addition, if you choose to use priority shipping, it’s likely that they will only deliver when they feel like it. If you’re going to use Royal Mail then expect your parcel to take at least six weeks to arrive

UK customs clear packages

UK customs clear packages

UK customs clearance is a government service which ensures that all incoming items are compliant with the laws and regulations of your country. Since this can take several days to process, we recommend you send your package at least 10 days before your event. You can only pay for international shipment through Visa or Mastercard, not Paypal upon checkout

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Shipping from UK to US so expensive

Shipping from UK to US is very expensive, because of the customs and taxes. The original cost of shipping is not that much, but the customs tax fee plus other fees collected by US Border Protection make it extremely expensive.

The cheapest way to send a parcel to the USA

Parcel2go’s price comparison widget is the cheapest way to send a parcel to the USA. We compare prices from over 35 courier services in UK and Europe with our courier comparison engine. We are also very confident that we can deliver it for you on time, every time.

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eBay popularity in UK

eBay is a global company that offers products and services to buyers, sellers and businesses to trade internationally. eBay UK has over 7,000 employees dedicated to helping you make the most of your shopping experiences with eBay UK. That’s why thousands of people in the UK choose eBay as their first place to shop online.

eBay delivery is faster in some countries

The reason why eBay delivery is faster in some countries is that, within that country, there are fewer postal codes with a larger number of parcels. This means less sorting and more efficient delivery times.

eBay international

eBay International is a global marketplace that connects buyers and sellers around the world. The site offers support in several languages, including English, French and Spanish. You can also communicate with other users in several ways: email, chat or instant message, community Q&A, or phone calls via Skype.

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