Why is Life360 so expensive?

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Life360 is one of the top transportation safety apps in the world. It also happens to be one of the most expensive apps. The question on everyone’s mind is “why?”. In this post, I’m going to lay out a theory for why Life360 costs so much money.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

Why is Life360 so expensive? 

  • Life360 is so expensive because it provides tools and tracking methods that no other app can provide.
  • Life360 helps you stay connected to your loved ones when you have to be apart from them, organize your family’s busy lives, and protect your family with in-the-moment notifications on any device so you’re always connected.

People Also Asked:

The pros of Life360

Life360 offers lots of features and benefits, including:The ability to create custom notifications for all types of events, making you more informed than ever.A guide that helps you know what vehicle is coming so you can be prepared to help them.Collision and theft alerts that track your vehicle’s location when it becomes immobile with incoming calls from the police or insurance company.

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The number of members you can have on Life360 for free

Up to 10 members can be added to your family group on Life360. Each member must have a mobile phone number linked to their account before they can be added to the family group. If you need more than 10 people in your family group, you’ll need to upgrade subscription plans:

Installing Life360 secretly

Life360 can be installed secretly by allowing a user to set up the app, but not prompt them if they want other people to join.

If someone is watching you on Life360

If someone is watching you on Life360

You can tell if someone is watching you on Life360. Just go to the Activity tab and look for a blue circle around your location on the map. If there are two or more of these circles, then someone is watching your activity with Live Location turned on. If no circles show up, then no one’s spying on you.”

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Life360 drains battery

Life360 does not drain your battery. We have put a lot of work into making sure that we have a low power impact on the phone. There are some features like alerts and location sharing that require more battery and therefore the app has to be open but most other features are considered dormant until you use them.

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Life360 can be fooled

Life360 can be fooled. Life360 also tracks your driving speeds to determine whether or not you are speeding which is something that someone could easily get you on. Please don’t do anything illegal while using Life360!

Life360 tracking messages

Life360 can track messages. The app is able to monitor and log text messages from other Life360 users in real time. Messages from both iPhone and Android phones can be tracked through the Life360 app

Life360 tracking all the time

Life360 only tracks your family when they’re driving, walking or riding. All other times are considered private and will not be tracked by our system.

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