Why is Hulu playing ads for Hinge dating app?

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Hulu is starting to show ads for Hinge. Why is Hulu playing ads for a dating app? Are they serious? Is this really okay with the FCC? What does this mean for Hulu subscribers?

Hinge, the Dating App Designed to Be Deleted

Why is Hulu playing ads for Hinge dating app?

  • Hinge is raising some eyebrows with the way they are advertising their app.
  • Hulu streaming service has been showing up ads on their shows urging people to download the Hinge dating app.
  • In response, Hinge has become the fastest-growing dating app in the US and subscribers are growing by over 2 million a year! 

People Also Asked:

Hinge is really good

Hinge, a dating app for quality connections, partners with you to help you find meaningful relationships. Get noticed with a profile that stands out in the crowd, see other’s profiles before they see yours, receive curated matches based on common activities and interests, share stories that reveal your personality and feelings without having to answer hundreds of questions.

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Hulu suddenly plays ads

Sometimes Hulu ads play for a variety of reasons. It might be that we’re suggesting a show based on your viewing preferences, or trying to keep our service free for you by suggesting one of our advertisers. If you don’t like the ads, you can change your settings in My Hulu.

Stop ads from showing on Hulu

In order to remove ads from Hulu, you simply need to create an account with the premium version. Once you have signed up for Hulu’s no commercials subscription, there is no longer any ad stopping you from watching the latest popular shows on television.

Hulu has ads but not Netflix

Hulu has ads but not Netflix

Hulu has ads, while Netflix does not. There is no charge to view Hulu content on the web, however, it has ads that play in between videos and commercials. Netflix is a subscription-based service, and users pay a monthly fee in order to be able to stream Netflix content with no commercial interruption or advertisements.

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Hulu premium the same as Hulu no ads

Hulu premium is the same as Hulu no ads. Both are ad-free and offer you unlimited access to all of your favorite TV shows and movies.

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Streaming services play commercials for dating apps 

Streaming services play commercials for dating apps to increase the amount of people using their service. This ensures that only those who are interested are streaming their shows and ads about the dating app does not waste time or bandwidth with people who may not be interested in that type of entertainment.

Block ads on Hulu Android

AdBlock for Android has been tested and works with Hulu, allowing you to easily block ads on Hulu Android.

Hulu increased their ads

Hulu has increased the number of ads to view for their free service. Users must now watch an ad every 30 minutes to avoid being charged $14.99 a month for a commercial-free plan.

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