Why i cant find my match on eHarmony?

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So why can’t I find my match on eHarmony? Is it because there aren’t enough members to choose from? Because I’m not paying for a subscription? Or maybe it’s just not meant to be?

How Does eharmony Work? A Beginner’s Guide

Why i cant find my match on eHarmony?

  • You may have recently matched with someone, but you cannot find them. There are only three possibilities.
  • First, they might have unmatched you, because they weren’t interested enough.
  • Second, they might have blocked you because of something you said or did.
  • Third, there is no reason for this issue; it’s possible that they deleted their eHarmony profile.

People Also Asked:

Unblocking someone on Eharmony

You can unblock someone on Eharmony. To do this, go to the Menu tab at the top of your home page and select My Settings on the drop-down menu. Click Blocked Members on the left side to find your blocked member(s). When prompted if you wish to unblock their profile from within your blocked list.

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The orange dot on Eharmony

Orange dot means that someone has found you attractive. This should be considered a compliment and is usually a good sign that you should send an inquiry to the person.

Hide your profile from someone on Eharmony

Hide your profile from someone on Eharmony

If you’re on Eharmony and want to hide your profile from someone, move the green slider in the Profile Visibility section. This makes you invisible to that person.

Matches disappear on eharmony

When your matches disappear, it might mean that you’re no longer a good fit for each other or eharmony took the match out of consideration after extensive review of your profile. You can still message your matched members, but they may not respond until their next membership renewal.

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The Popsicle mean on eHarmony

If you’re looking for a fun way to break the ice and get to know someone fast, try The Popsicle. With this question-and-answer section that allows you to discover similarities with your match without having to think of a clever way to start a conversation, it’s an easy way to share your personality.

Two checks on eHarmony

When you get 2 checks on eHarmony, it means your match has read your message and liked what they saw. The more checks you get, the more likely you are to receive a response.

When you send a smile on eHarmony

A smile on eHarmony is a great way to let someone know you like them. It may be the beginning of a relationship, or it may just be a quick hello! The first smile is free and we encourage you to use one at your first opportunity. We hope everyone has fun with this feature!

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Remove someone from eharmony

You can remove someone from your eHarmony profile if you think that this user is not a good eHarmony match for you at this time. You can also remove a person as a friend on Facebook if your relationship with that person isn’t any longer valid.

When someone favorites you on eharmony

When someone favorites you on eharmony, it means they would like to learn more about you. If you favorite someone, you can browse your favorites by clicking the Favorites icon in the Quick Match area of the homepage.

The accuracy of eHarmony location

eHarmony uses the GPS signal to determine your location within 100 feet, which we feel is a reasonable and reliable estimate given the limitations of GPS.

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