Why does Shein keep declining my card?

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I’ve used Shein a lot in the past. I’ll get some new clothes and then blog about it. It’s worked out well for me! But I’ve been running into some issues lately where my credit card keeps getting declined.

Why is Shein not accepting my payment 

Why does Shein keep declining my card?

  • Shein declines credit card orders because the balance is not sufficient.
  • When the card is used for other transactions, and your account has insufficient funds, this can cause you to be declined when you attempt to shop at Shein.
  • If your card account is running low, we recommend re-funding it before placing your next order.

People Also Asked:

Shein keeps declining my card

Shein keeps declining your card. This is because it’s not recognized by their system as a valid payment option for your order. In order to make a successful purchase, please contact us at [email protected] and we will manually process your payment via PayPal or wire transfer.

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Fixing my declining card

Your first step is to make sure that you have the required credit limit for your card and a good balance. If you do not meet these requirements, try to maintain them by spending less on the card and increasing your payments. If you still want to know how to fix your declining card, call in a representative right away.

When it says the card issuer refused this transaction

When your card issuer refuses a transaction, it means your financial institution has declined the purchase at the time of authorization. This does not mean you will be charged for the item. Your bank or credit union may contact you at a later date to confirm that you still want to go through with the purchase.

Paying on Shein

Paying on Shein

You can pay on Shein by PayPal or credit card. To make an order with PayPal, please proceed to checkout and select the PayPal payment option. If you don’t have a PayPal account, simply create one in a few quick and easy steps during checkout.

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Shein accepts debit cards

Shein does accept debit cards. The fastest, easiest and most affordable way to make all your purchases with Shein from your bank account.

Paying Shein without a card

You can pay on Shein using your PayPal account or any other major debit/credit card. In case you don’t have a Credit/Debit Card, bank transfers and cash on delivery are also available.

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It is ok to buy from Shein

Shein is an excellent website to buy from. They offer a wide variety of items and many are recent trends or designed by well-known designers. The price is also very affordable, but don’t let that fool you it’s not cheap quality. The quality of the items I have purchased has been high! DO NOT FEAR about ordering clothing from this site!!!

Shein takes prepaid Visa cards

 Shein accepts prepaid Visa cards. All you have to do is select Visa as your method of payment when filling out the order form.

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