Why does Life360 say the phone is out of battery?

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There’s been a lot of discussion about location-based apps and how they handle when Location Services are disabled. One of the most common questions I’ve seen is, “Why does Life360 say the phone is out of battery?”. I figured it was time to test this again.

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Why does Life360 say the phone is out of battery?

  • The phone is out of battery icon appears when your battery is less than 5%.
  • This lets the people in your circle know that you may need help.
  • Though this won’t cause calls to be dropped, it’s a good idea to charge before you head out if you don’t want to lose any notifications while driving.

People Also Asked:

Get Life360 to say out of battery

Life360 notifies you when someone is running low on their battery. To enable this feature, go to the settings of your Life360 app and enable “Low Battery Alerts”

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Reason for Life360 showing out of battery

Life360 shows out of battery when the device it is installed on has very low battery life. This could be caused by a low charge on your phone, but could also be caused by others uninstalling Life360 while your vehicle is still using the app.

Knowing if someone turned their phone off on Life360

If you see a green dot next to someone’s name on Life360, it means that they are currently using their phone. If their name is red or gray, they have their app set to “offline” mode.

Life360 tells people when your phone dies

Life360 tells people when your phone dies

Life360 will notify all other members of a trip when you can’t receive notifications and power your phone off. If a family member needs to reach you urgently but doesn’t know where you are, they can contact Life360 and we’ll tell them the last known location.

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Someone’s location not updating on Life360

There are many reasons that Life360 users may not see their location updating correctly. Typically, missing or inaccurate location data means that there are network issues preventing the app from acquiring its information. In addition, if a user is heading out of range of their home Wi-Fi, the location updates on Life360 will be slower as the app relies on a reliable internet connection to provide accurate location data.

When someone checks your location

Life360 does not tell you when someone checks your location. We only send notifications when you have been checked through the app and if someone else in the family has checked your location, then they would also receive an alert telling them that someone else has looked up their location.

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Turning on airplane mode stops Life360

Turning on airplane mode will stop Life360 from receiving or sending your location data to the cloud.

Faking location on Life360 iPhone app

To fake your location in the Life360 app, you’ll need a GPS spoofer. There are several available online, but we recommend the one on Amazon. It’s inexpensive and works wonderfully. 

Accuracy of Life360 app

The Life360 app is designed to be as accurate as possible. Using GPS technology and user-submitted locations, it accurately maps all the people you share your location with.

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