Why do some people use Bumble Travel mode?

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As a blogger, I get asked multiple questions every single day. Among these questions are some really great ones. Today, I want to answer a question that has been asked many times: Why do some people use Bumble Travel mode?

Bumble Location Feature Explained

Why do some people use Bumble Travel mode?

  • Some people on Bumble have travel plans and don’t have the time or energy to use their usual dating app, but they still want to meet new people.
  • That is why Bumble offers a unique feature called Travel Mode.
  • Basically, this feature allows users who are away from home for a few days and want to find someone special while they are away from home.

People Also Asked:

Bumble Travel mode

Now, Bumble has introduced another mode called Travel Mode. Users need to be subscribed to Bumble Gold to use this feature. It allows people to search for dates in other locations or cities even if they’re traveling out of town.

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Bumble shows when you’re using Travel mode

Bumble will show when you’re using Travel mode. Everyone will see that you are on travel mode from your status.

Travel mode cost on Bumble

To be clear, Bumble Travel Mode costs $8.99 or you can enable it from your premium membership. It will cost you that every month if you use it, but it’s worth the price of your sanity if you’re traveling and looking for love.

Bumble tracking your location even if you are not active

Bumble tracking your location even if you are not active

No, Bumble is not able to track the users location in case of non-activity. The only time that we can access your location is when you log into the application.

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Cancelling Travel mode on Bumble

You can disable travel mode on Bumble. To do so, tap the gray silhouette icon in the bottom left corner of your app. Then select the gear icon in the top right corner and choose “Travel Mode Settings.” Select the blue button that says “Current Location” and press disable.

Bumble changes your location automatically

When you open Bumble, your location will be automatically detected and set for you. This feature is only available in certain regions and is subject to change without notice.

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Hiding location on Bumble

To hide your location on Bumble, first log in to your account. Then, select the gear icon in the top right corner and select ‘Options’. Under ‘General’, select ‘Show my location’ and enter ‘Disabled’. Once you’ve made any changes to your profile, be sure to restart your browser for them to take effect.”

Accuracy of Bumble location

The Bumble location is very accurate. The only time it can be off is if you are moving around too much, if you are in a low coverage area, or if your internet connection is slow.

Use Bumble in another city

with the Bumble Travel Mode, you can use Bumble in another city and date people from a different location.

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