Why do some people choose eBay to buy AirPods?

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Why do some people choose eBay to buy AirPods? In the past three months, over 1,000 people searched for AirPods on eBay.

Cheap AirPods From eBay! 

Why do some people choose eBay to buy AirPods?

  • The first thing that people noticed is that they are much cheaper than Apple’s website.
  • Many people can’t afford to buy an authentic model, but these look so similar and cost a fraction of the price – usually half!
  • Although there are some suspicions about their originality, most customers were very happy with their purchases.

People Also Asked:

Buy AirPods off eBay

You can buy AirPods off eBay. You will find a huge selection of all kinds of Apple devices on eBay, including wireless earbuds.

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Original AirPods price

The original AirPods sell for 55 dollars, but Apple offers a one-month trial period of their return policy. If you’re not satisfied with the AirPods during this trial period, Apple will issue a full refund.

Knowing if eBay items are authentic

You can tell if an eBay item is authentic by looking at the seller’s rating, detailed description of the item’s condition and additional photos of the item.

Telling if an eBay seller is legit

Telling if an eBay seller is legit

A great tip is to look at their customer feedback. You can see how many years they’ve been selling, what their return rate is and if other customers feel the same way about them as you do.

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knockoff Airpods are worth it

Knockoff Airpods are a great substitute to use when you can’t afford the real AirPods. They’re relatively cheap, resilient and provide minimal lag. The only downside is that they aren’t advertised as 100% genuine by Apple, so there may be issues with certain software updates.

Return a fake item on eBay

eBay is serious about sellers and buyers returning fake items. If a buyer finds that the item they bought is fake, they can ask for a return or a refund.

Knowing if Apple earphones are real

The easiest way to tell if your Apple earphones are authentic is by looking at the shape and design. The real ones will have a glossy finish with rounded corners, while fakes can be plastic and dull in color.

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Track AirPods

A built-in accelerometer allows you to track AirPods on an iPhone, iPad or Mac when they disconnect from your device. You’ll see an alert on your iPhone if you’ve left them behind and can use Find My iPhone on iCloud.com to see the last known location of your AirPods on a map, including how long ago their battery dropped below 20 percent.

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