Why do some experts call Hinge app scam?

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We’ve all seen the news – people putting in complaints, saying that Hinge is another scam just like Badoo or Tinder. But in this article, I’d like to give you an honest Hinge review, and tell you why Hinge isn’t a dating app scam.

My brutally honest Hinge experience

Why do some experts call Hinge app scam?

  • Because they think the subscription plan doesn’t worth it and are too expensive.
  • However, we would not agree with them.
  • The service provides high-quality matches and profiles of your potential partners’ like you.
  • In addition, the app looks great and works very well on all mobile devices.

People Also Asked:

Getting scammed on Hinge

You cannot get scammed on Hinge. The app is designed to let people connect with potential matches based on mutual interests, not location or other superficial details. We will never ask you for your password or financial information

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Hinge is safe

Hinge is a safe and fun way to meet new people in your city through mutual friends. We don’t allow new members to message matches until after they have been introduced by three existing friends. And we do background checks on every user, for your safety.

Hinge posting fake profiles

Hinge does not post any fake profiles on their app. Hinge verifies every single user’s identity using their Facebook account and ask each new user to swipe through a number of different approved profiles in order to complete their registration process.

Recognizing a scammer

Recognizing a scammer

You might be chatting with a scammer on Hinge if he/she keeps asking you for money. When users send money to someone through PayPal, for example, the app automatically creates a case against the person who requested it so that law enforcement can track where those funds go.

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Sptting a fake profile

To spot a fake profile, you’ve got to check what they’re all about. These days, it’s really easy to find out if someone is lying. Check their bio, their date of birth, look at the photos they use – compare them with other profiles that look similar. If something doesn’t add up, be sure to report it right away.

Putting my real name on Hinge

Hinge allows you to be as open or discreet as you want, with no real name requirement. If you don’t want your friends to know what you’re doing, choose a nickname and keep the conversation going. Or if you like to get real, add your name and let it all hang out.

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The success rate on Hinge

The success rate on Hinge is around 70%. This is higher than some other dating apps, but lower than Bumble.

Hinge is a good idea

Hinge is a good idea if you want to meet people who are geographically close to you. Unlike other dating apps where it’s hard to know if someone is real or not, Hinge lets you see mutual friends and interests before deciding whether to unlock the door.

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