Why did Walmart deactivated my account?

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If you don’t be active for about 6 months Walmart will deactivate your account. Walmart also deactivate your account if you violate their terms. You should have received an email from Walmart saying why your account was deactivated. However, if you did not receive the email, just contact their Customer Service team.

Walmart Terminated my account and canceled all my orders here’s what you need to do.

Why did Walmart deactivated my account?

  • If you haven’t made a purchase with Walmart recently, your account can be deactivated.
  • If your information looks like it was entered incorrectly, try reentering it again to make sure that you don’t miss any more letters or numbers.

Getting Walmart account back

It’s easy to get your Walmart account back. All you need to do is sign in with your password, then add or update your payment information. After that, you can use Walmart Pay again immediately.

Having 2 Walmart accounts

You can have 2 Walmart shopping accounts, but you will need to open another email address and create a password for that email address.

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Unsuspending Walmart account

To unsuspend your Walmart account, you will need to submit a request to our Customer Care Team. Please note that there may be a possible fee for account suspension review and re-activation.

Getting suspended from Walmart

Getting suspended from Walmart

If you break any of Walmart’s rules you can get suspended from shopping at Walmart. They will send a letter to your home or email explaining the reason for your suspension and give you instructions on how to take preventative measures to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Getting banned from Walmart

While Walmart does not ban people for life, you can be banned from stores for a variety of reasons. These include stealing from the store or refusing to pay for a product. Also, if a security guard sees you shoplifting, they can confiscate your shopping cart and ban you from the store.

Walmart blocking your card

Walmart can block your card for many reasons. It’s very rare, but sometimes people report that Walmart has blocked their cards because they purchased a high dollar amount of an item that Walmart didn’t have in stock, or if there was fraudulent activity on the card.

Walmart return violation

Walmart return violation

A Walmart return violation occurs when you attempt to return an item that does not belong to you. For example, someone may try to return a sweater from a different brand, or even stole the item from a store in order to get some cash back.

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A limit on how many times you can return stuff at Walmart

There is no limit on how many times you can return goods to Walmart, but we do have a few rules and policies to know about. If it’s an online return, your Walmart.com account will be credited in 1-2 business days

Walmart keeping track on your returns

Walmart does keep track of your returns. When you return an item at the store, Walmart will scan the product and record the transaction into their system. Most major returns are usually eligible for a receipt.

Walmart keep declining your card

When a card gets declined, it means the retailer cannot accept your credit or debit card for payment. There are many reasons for this. Walmart may have had problems with their payment processing system that day, there might be a problem with your account or you may have entered incorrect information when you set up your card.

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What is Walmart security called?

Walmart security is called ProSecurity and was created by ProTech Solutions in 2011. The Walmart ProSecurity system has their own cameras and employees that operate on a closed circuit television system, they report any issues to local police or store managers.

Lifting a Walmart ban

A Walmart ban cannot be lifted. It cannot be lifted because a Walmart ban is not a real ban, but rather a suspension of someone’s membership. According to Walmart.com, it is up to the discretion of the store manager whether or not you can return to the store after being banned for stealing or for any other reason.


Walmart Terminated my account and canceled all my orders here’s what you need to do.

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