Why did Shein crystals become popular?

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This Chinese clothing company was founded in 2008. In less than 10 years, it has become one of the most popular jewelry brands in the world. So remarkably, this clothing brand with its own brand of jewels has won customers around the world. Why did shein crystals become popular?

Buying Crystals from Shein

Why did Shein crystals become popular?

  • The cheapness of Shein crystals made it so popular among buyers.
  • The authenticity of Shein crystals in addition made them stand out compared to other shopping websites.
  • The easy and friendly layout makes the buying process enjoyable and the product descriptions lead to an informed decision.

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Telling if a crystal real

There are a number of ways to tell if your crystal is real, including comparing its weight, checking for chips and scratches and conducting an acid test (an acid is applied to the glass to determine whether it is either mineral or pure, crystal glass). If your crystal does not pass one or more of these tests, it may be imitation glass.

The Shein crystals

The Shein crystals are well made and are not quite as shiny as some of the other options out there. I have worn my Shein crystal bracelets non-stop for about 2 months, and they look almost like new. I think you can feel secure buying from this company.

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Shein crystals are good

The Shein crystals are pretty good quality. They are more durable than Swarovski and much less expensive. I would recommend them if you want to try crystal accents without having to commit to a pricier brand.

Shein crystals are cheap

Shein crystals are cheap

Shein crystals are cheap, but they look fantastic. They should be closer to $5 per strand.

Fake crystals

Fake crystals are made from colored glass. They are not shiny or bright like real crystal and often have flaws. Fake crystals are made to look like the pricier real ones, but most fake crystals have giveaways that can be spotted by an expert or a careful buyer.

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Crystals melt in fire

Crystals melt in fire, but they do not burn or have any type of flame. The crystal structure changes and then dissolves the solid state.

Testing crystals with ice

You can test crystals with ice to see if they’re conductive by putting a piece of ice on each side of the crystal and determining if current passes between the two. This works best when you place either end of the wire down on something metal – otherwise, you won’t get a good connection.

Crystals that cannot go into the salt

These crystals Must Not go in salt: Amethyst, Cornmeal, Citrine, Quartz and Tourmaline.

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