Why can’t I comment on Instagram live?

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Let’s face it. Instagram Live is awesome. The ability to answer questions and chat live with a community of people interested in your brand is beyond compare. But there’s one small problem I seem to be encountering too often: I can’t comment during live streams.

How To Fix Instagram Not Allowing You To Comment!

why cant i comment on instagram live?

  1. The ability to comment on Instagram lives is interesting, though there might be some problems with comments.
  2. Comments on Instagram is a kind of thread. People can put limitation o filter for the comments. So if you can’t comment, check he content of your comment.
  3. The other reason might be that the comment feature on the live is turned off by the owner so you can’t comment.

People Also Asked:

Comment on Instagram live

Commenting live on Instagram is really easy, just tap the “i” icon in the right hand corner of a live post. You can also comment directly on a person’s profile without watching their current broadcast by simply tapping “i” when in their profile then hitting “add comment”!

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Block from commenting on Instagram live

Yes, anyone can block you from commenting on Instagram live. You don’t have the power of blocking other users from commenting on your own profile’s live video.

Can’t respond to comments on Instagram

You can’t respond to comments on Instagram because the app is only designed to let users post images, videos and links.

Can't like or comment on Instagram

Can’t like or comment on Instagram

If you aren’t able to like or comment on Instagram, it’s possible you’ve made some changes to your privacy settings that block followers from seeing your activity.

Temporary block on Instagram live

A temporary block on Instagram Live lasts for 24 hours.

You’ve been suspended on Instagram

If you’re wondering if you were suspended on Instagram, there are two ways you can check. The first is to just try signing in and see what happens. If you receive a notification on your device saying that you have been suspended, then that’s your answer.

Enable comments on Instagram live viewer

Enable comments on Instagram live viewer

To enable comments on your live viewer, go to the settings of the live post, turn off the comments and then turn them back on again.

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Comment on Instagram in a day

There is no limit to how many times you can comment on Instagram in a day. It’s an image sharing service that allows you to upload, edit and share photos with others online. You can tap on the picture to see it in full-screen mode and make changes to the lighting or color filters. You can also add text or pictures over your post

Can’t I comment on some Instagram posts

You may not be able to comment on an Instagram post if you’re not following the person who posted it. Or, some posts are set to private and won’t allow you to comment until they’re made public

Go live on Instagram 2022

Going live on Instagram 2022 is easy! Just swipe up and tap the camera icon in the bottom right corner of your feed to start broadcasting.

The difference between Instagram live and IGTV

Instagram live and IGTV can both be used for live streaming. However, the difference is that it takes a lot of time to upload videos on Instagram and people cannot see them until they are uploaded. With IGTV, you can immediately post your content on Instagram.

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A live video on Instagram 

If you want to post a live video on Instagram, you will have to decide how long this video can last. There are two options for this feature: a regular live video (two hours) or an extended live video (eight hours).

Live stream on Instagram

Instagram has a minimum 60 second video limit and you can last up to one hour on the site. You cannot live stream on Instagram for more than one hour, but you can repeat the same video over again or post new content for an hour at a time.

How many followers to go live on Instagram

To go live on Instagram, you need to have at least 10 followers.

How to HIDE Comments in Instagram Live!

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