Why Amazon item doesn’t have buy box?

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As a seller, do you feel frustrated about the lack of your Amazon item having buy box? And are you wondering how some of your competitor’s items have the buy box? Is there a way to make my Amazon item win the buy box?

Suppressed Buy Box on Amazon

Why Amazon item doesn’t have buy box?

  • Amazon takes the buy box away from sellers who are selling below MSRP.
  • Amazon does not provide specific information on this, but we think there are two causes for the removal of the buy box: The MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is higher than all selling prices.
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People Also Asked:

Amazon doesn’t always get the buy box

Amazon chooses who gets the buy box. This means they can offer it to a vendor, or choose not to. They also have strict rules that a seller must meet to be awarded this coveted space. So yes, Amazon does always get the buy box but it’s not guaranteed!

Buy option not showing in Amazon

The buy option is not showing in Amazon because you do not own the item or you have only purchased the product in this country.

Checking Amazon Buy Box eligibility

To check your Amazon Buy Box eligibility, you’ll need to navigate to the Buy Box eligibility page. Then enter your Amazon seller account information, including email address and account password. You’ll be prompted to login to your Seller Central account if you aren’t already logged in.

I lost Buy Box eligibility

I lost Buy Box eligibility

You lost Buy Box eligibility because we believe the seller listing is at a lower price than you. If your current price is higher than the buyer would be willing to pay, it’s unlikely that buyers will make purchases through your offer.

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The buy button on Amazon

The Buy Button is Amazon’s checkout option. It allows you to complete the purchase of your desired items in a single click.

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The number of bullets allowed in Amazon

Amazon allows up to 4 bullets. If you have more than 4, your listing will be rejected.

The purpose of the bullets in Amazon

The bullets in Amazon is used as a list of features that describe the item. This helps the customer visualize what they are purchasing.

Product ID in Amazon

Product ID is a unique identifier (such as ASIN, UPC or EAN) used to identify the product in Amazon.

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