Which is better Bumble Boost or Premium?

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One of the biggest decisions to be made in regards to my Bumble profile revolved around which option I should pay for a Bumble boost or a premium account. This decision was especially difficult in that both options are so reasonably priced.

Is Bumble Boost Worth it? Boost vs Premium in 2022

Which is better Bumble Boost or Premium?

  • Well, although both of them are good, Bumble Premium is the more complete package.
  • However, Bumble Boost is almost $20 cheaper per month and has Backtrack, Spotlight, and SuperSwipe features.
  • On the other hand, Bumble premium contains all the features of the boost plan plus travel mode and incognito mode.

People Also Asked:

People finding out about someone on Bumble Boost

People don’t know if you have Bumble Boost. But if you turn on Spotlight, people might be able find out.

Bumble boost for guys

If you’re a guy, and you’ve been matched with a girl, Bumble Boost gives you the opportunity to extend that match for just 1 extra day!

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Someone using Spotlight on Bumble

There is no way to tell if someone is using spotlight on Bumble.

Bumble Bworth it

Bumble Bworth it

Boosting on Bumble is worth it because if you boost your profile, then Bumble matches with people who are interested and like you back. So if you don’t get a high number of likes back from other users- there’s a problem with your profile not the actual dating app.

Bumble boost lasts

Bumble Boost is a monthly subscription that you can purchase. Bumble Boosts last as long as your subscription is active and can be used on any number of minutes.

Bumble Premium better than Boost

Premium has all the boost features plus many more. It’s more expensive but worth it.

Bumble picking who to show you

Bumble picking who to show you

When you’re on Bumble, we use a number of factors to find people and help you connect in real life. We look at mutual friends, shared interests, locations and mutual friends of your friends.

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SuperSwipe on Bumble

You’ll notice a tiny yellow notification bar on someone’s profile card when it appears in your match feed on Bumble if they Super swiped you.

Taking screenshots on Bumble

You can take a screenshot on Bumble and no one will ever know. To take a screenshot on your iPhone, press the home and power buttons at the same time.

Attracting guys on Bumble

Guys love a good laugh and a girl who can embrace her own flaws! So, be sure to keep smiling and share your sense of humor on your profile.

Not getting any likes on Bumble

You are not getting any likes on Bumble because you have not swiped right on anyone. When you swipe right on an individual, then they’ll see your profile and can decide if they want to like it back. If they do like your profile, then the match is made and you’re a part of each other’s lives forever!

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Guys prefer Bumble or Tinder

Guys prefer Tinder because its easier to use and it has a better design. Bumble is perfect for girls to find a boyfriend, but guys are just not interested in it.

Bumble more than a hookup app

Bumble is not a hookup app. It’s for all kinds of people looking for all kinds of connections. Bumble has proved that you can make meaningful connections in real life, and now thousands of couples have found each other on our platform.

Is Bumble Boost Worth it? Boost vs Premium in 2022

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