Where’s my Walmart order?

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Walmart will send you email notifications throughout the entire Whereabout of your order process. In these updated emails, you can see a projected delivery date. there is also an option to track your package online.

When you never get your product 

Where’s my Walmart order?

  • Your order status should be on the way.
  • You can check where it is by using Delivery Tracker or contacting Walmart Customer Care.

Finding your recent Walmart orders

To find your recent Walmart orders, simply log in to your account and click on “Order History.” You will be able to view a detailed list of all previous Walmart.com purchases, organized by order date.

Tracking your Walmart order

You cannot track your Walmart order because your order may be split up into separate shipments and sent to different parts of the country. Shipping can also take a few days, so there may still be some time before the tracking number is updated.

Track your package from Walmart

You can track a package by locating the package number on your order confirmation email, located on your Walmart receipt or within the Shipping Address section of My Account.

Checking Walmart's Digital order

Checking Walmart’s Digital order

You can check the status of most Walmart Digital orders by going to the Order History page in your Account. they’ll show you exactly where your order is in the fulfillment process, so you can see when it shipped and when it’s expected to arrive at your door.

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Walmart delivers orders online

When you shop with Walmart, your order is handled by their shipping experts. they partner with Amazon to deliver your items as fast as possible.

Carriers that Walmart use to ship

Walmart uses several carriers to ship products to customers. Most of the time, Walmart ships their products through FedEx and UPS.

How long does it take Walmart to ship?

How long does it take Walmart to ship?

With Walmart shipping, your item should arrive within 2 – 5 days. They’ll send you an email with tracking information when your order is shipped.

Tracking numbers for Walmart

You can search your item by entering the order number, then click on the “Track Package” link.

Download my Walmart order history

Walmart’s Order History shows you the products you’ve ordered in the past, including items from online orders and in-store purchases. You can find it in My Walmart and on their app under “Order History”

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How do I access my Walmart account?

You can access your Walmart account by visiting My Home Walmart.com and entering the email address associated with your existing Walmart account.

Can’t log into Walmart app

You may be unable to log into Walmart app when your account is linked to an older version of the app. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the current version of the app before creating a new account.

Finding my Walmart’s password

You’ll find your password by clicking on the link in your email or logging into My Account to look for “Forgot your password?”. Your username is the email address that you use to sign in to Walmart.com.

Walmart’s user ID

Get a Walmart User ID by visiting the Walmart website, Walmart.com. Sign up for a membership at the site to start earning Reward Points toward future purchases.

Finding receipts on the Walmart app

There are two types of order receipts, shipping and pick-up. Shipping receipts will show the details of each item shipped to the customer including the items purchased, total price paid and any discounts or credits issued by Walmart. Pick-up orders contain a link that customers can use to redeem their order once they’ve picked it up at a pickup location. To find these receipts within your app click on My Account under Shop & Save

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Walmart look up a purchase without a receipt

Walmart will look up purchases without a receipt. You can contact customer service to help you find your purchase in the system by providing them with information on what items were purchased and the price paid.

Walmart look up a purchase with debit card

Walmart can look up purchase with debit card. In order to do so, you need to enter the total amount of money which you have spent on the respective product, along with any other details which might be required for identification and confirmation.


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