Where is the largest Walmart in the world?

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One of the popular shopping and superstore chain around the world is Walmart. Though, you may wonder what is the biggest Walmart in the whole world. There are so many Walmarts around the world. So which one is the largest?


Where is the largest Walmart in the world?

  • The largest Walmart in the world I think is in Dongguan, China. 
  • New York also has a huge Walmart too. 
  • It took about two years to construct and includes over five hundred thousand square feet of retail space, a theatre and a bowling alley.

The biggest Walmart in the USA

The biggest Walmart in the USA is in Washington. It encompasses more than 2 million square feet of retail space. It also has 132 gas stations and a free 24-hour shuttle service.

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The busiest Walmart in the world

The busiest Walmart in the world is located in Hong Kong. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and serves over one million customers on an average weekend – which is more than the population of Hong Kong itself!

The smallest Walmart in the world

The smallest Walmart in the world is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The store has 54 parking spaces and only six employees.

States that does not have Walmart

States that does not have Walmart

Alabama, Alaska and Hawaii do not have Walmart.

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All walmarts are not the same size

All Walmart stores are not the same size. Walmart’s worldwide business strategy is to build stores in locations where the company can leverage its purchasing power, visibility, and efficiencies to drive down costs. This requires fewer employees per store than a typical grocery store would have.

State that has the most Walmart

The state with the most Walmart stores is Texas, with about 400 locations around the state.

The city that has the most Walmarts

The city with the most Walmarts is Dallas, Texas. With seven Walmarts in the metro area and three supercenters, it is impossible to travel more than a few miles in any direction without coming across one of these low-priced stores.

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The top 10 biggest Walmarts in the United States

1. Supercenter Store #1327 (Cordova, Tennessee) 2. Supercenter Store #391 (Austin, Texas) 3. Supercenter Store #1703 (Lake Havasu City, Arizona) 4. Supercenter Store #0395 (Jacksonville, North Carolina) 5. Supercenter Store #3970 (Maine Branch, Tennessee) 6. Supercenter Store #0393 (Houston, Texas) 7. Supercenter Store #0097 (Orangeburg, South Carolina) 8. Supercenter Store #0396 (Jacksonville-North Florida Beaches), Florida 9. Supercenter Store#0156(Oklahoma City), Oklahoma 10. Supercenter Store#1516(Bentonville – Lowell), Arkansas,


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