Where does Hinge come from?

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Hinge’s approach to dating is a refreshing, fun and easy way to meet each other. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, or someone to share a pizza and a movie with, you can find it on Hinge…

Hinge Dating App Review 2021

Where does Hinge come from?

  • Hinge founder Justin McLeod dreamed of starting a dating app to help people meet someone special.
  • At the time, his friends were on Bumble or OkCupid, but McLeod was frustrated by the amount of time required to weed out the “bad seeds” and strike up a conversation.
  • He envisioned a more efficient version of online dating that would be just like friends introducing you to one another

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The backstory of Hinge

The story of Hinge is one of friendship, heartbreak, and ultimate redemption.It was all sparked by the breakup between McLeod and his girlfriend, which led him down a more entrepreneurial path than consulting for McKinsey.His friends thought he was crazy for quitting his job to work on a dating app, but that didn’t stop McLeod from pursuing his dreams.

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Hinge previous name

Hinge used to be called Secret Agent Cupid. We wanted everyone on Hinge to feel like they had a special, secret admirer – the kind of person who would send you a message on a whim and show you around town.

Hinge is different from other dating apps

Hinge is different from other dating apps because of the quality of our users and their compatibility. Members are prescreened to ensure that you’re dating people you’ll want to meet – like your friends. The app is free, and membership is limited to young professionals nearby.

Anything can happen

Anything can happen

Hinge is for dating. While there may be some overlap with people using it for hookups, we think most people use it to find someone for a relationship. That said, since this is on the internet, anything can happen!

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Finding if someone is active on Hinge

You can tell if someone is active on Hinge by their profile photo and bio. Profile photos that include their face stand out and the words in their bio make you stop and read them, which makes the app more engaging and fun to use.

Best age group for Hinge

Hinge is for people aged 24 to 36. We know that being around a person who is on the same page as you is important, and we believe that you should have someone who shares similar goals and interests. Our goal is to connect people in a safe and friendly environment so you can meet new people who may just change your whole life.

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Hinge popularity

Hinge provides a more real way to connect with people. Rather than sending endless messages with no response, we match people up based on their shared interests and mutual friends. Hinge is also very popular because it’s free, unlike other dating apps of its kind.

Picking up girls on Hinge

By far, the best way to pick up girls on Hinge is by sending the first message. This may seem a little intimidating at first, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be!

Getting noticed on Hinge

To get noticed on Hinge, you have to be a stand-out. The best way to do that is by doing the same thing you’d do in real life: striking up conversations that people can’t help but react to.

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