Where are the files saved from Telegram on iPhone?

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Confused where files you save from Telegram on iPhone are stored? Wondering how to access them on your PC? Relax! I’ll show you what to do.

How to save Telegram Media’s To Gallery android and iOS

Where are the files saved from Telegram on iPhone?

  • iPhone owners can not directly save files from Telegram to their phone gallery, so they should go to conversation pages.
  • They’ll need to remember who supplied them with the video so they can click on their profile when they get there.
  • They can then view all of the shared files, voice messages, links, and media such as pictures or videos that they have shared and they can save them from conversation page.
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Saving Telegram files on iCloud

In Telegram, you can store your files in iCloud. You can manage your files using the Files app on your iPhone and use them in other apps to share, edit and more. If you have multiple accounts on your iPhone, the files saved on one account are not visible in another account.

Saving Telegram media to iPhone

To save Telegram media to your iPhone, tap 3-dot menu button on the file, select “Save” and then choose where you want to save it.

Can’t download files from Telegram

There are a few reasons that could explain why you can’t download files from Telegram. One is that the file type is protected by DRM, which makes it impossible to download. The other reason could be that the original uploader has modified their Telegram client (e.g., to add some plugin), which has broken this feature. 

Transferring downloaded files from Telegram

Transferring downloaded files from Telegram

To easily transfer downloaded files from Telegram, we recommend using the desktop app. It’s a free official app that allows you to manage your Telegram apps from your computer.

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Cant save photos on Telegram

You can save photos from Telegram, but they’re not automatically downloaded to your phone. To save a photo, tap on it and select “Save”.

Downloading movies from Telegram on iPhone

You can download any file from Telegram on iPhone. Telegram app supports downloading up to 2 gig files.

Advanced setting on iPhone

Advanced Options is part of the Settings page on your iPhone. To access it, log into your account and select Settings from the home screen of your phone. Select the Advanced option, which is currently located in the lower left-hand corner of the Settings page.

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Telegram works on iPhone

Telegram works on iPhone. You can use it to send messages, photos and videos. Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet when sending your messages.The app will work on any model of iPhone running iOS 8 or higher.

Telegram stores media on phone

Telegram store media on your Telegram app storage. However, You can choose whether or not to save your messages and media on your phone’s storage.

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