What’s the deal with eHarmony visitors?

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Hello Everybody! I am pretty sure that you heard about eHarmony and also you heard lots of rumors around this so called online dating site. Well, I was one of the people who wanted to give eHarmony a try.

A Beginner’s tour of eHarmony

What’s the deal with eHarmony visitors?

  • Your visitor list is an efficient way to find the people you are interested in.
  • You can view the users who have liked your profile, or even those whose profiles you have previously visited.
  • The last person on your visitor list is always displayed first since this list refreshes after each visit to give you the most up-to-date information about who’s looking at your profile.

People Also Asked:

The visitor list is useful on the eHarmony profile

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, the visitor list on your eHarmony personals profile is an excellent way to see how many people have visited your page. Visitors who show interest in you are more likely to want to meet you in person.

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Being favorited on eHarmony

You’ll never know if someone has marked you as a favorite on eHarmony.

Someone Sees how many times you viewed their profile on eharmony

If you want people to see how many times you viewed their profile on eharmony, you need to turn on your “Visitors List”, which can be found under Settings. Once turned on, only those who have checked the box next to “Show my profile views” will be able to see how often you’ve visited their page.

So many eharmony profiles have no pictures

So many eharmony profiles have no pictures

We understand that the photos are important. EHarmony has decided to withhold match photos from Basic members. Need to be paid member to view these pictures

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A thumbs up meaning on eharmony

On eharmony, the most common way to rate someone is by thumbing up and thumbing down. If you give another member a thumbs up, it means they have great qualities that will lead to a positive experience with them, and vice versa.

eHarmony matches disappear

Eharmony matches disappear because of the time required to find a compatible match. You could meet someone on dating apps or an online site, but unless you have a number of matches in your queue, it is unlikely that you will keep in touch with most or all of them.

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Telling if someone is a paid member on eharmony

A paid member on Eharmony has a colored profile box. This indicates that the user has paid for the service and is added to their profile by our customer support.

Hiding when you were last online on eharmony

You can hide when you were last online on eharmony. We recommend this option to members who plan to take a break from the site for a period of time, or if you don’t want everyone knowing when you logged in last. 

Getting kicked off eHarmony

If someone is consistently in breach of eHarmony’s Terms of Service, they can be permanently removed from the service. For instance, someone who has a history of lying on their profile or changing their identity would be likely to get kicked off.

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