What’s a good flirty question for Bumble?

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First time using Bumble? Here are some flirty questions that I love to ask on the app.

Bumble dating app secrets

What’s a good flirty question for Bumble?

  • Flirty questions are a great way to break the ice with a guy.
  • A perfect Bumble question to ask this guy is, “Do you favor kissing or cuddling?” This question helps you get a feel for his personality because you’re also asking him about what he enjoys in bed and what type of girl he’s into.
  • This kind of flirty conversation starter will keep the conversation flowing with ease.
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People Also Asked:

Bumble profile prompt

Your profile prompt is the first thing that a potential match sees when they view your profile. Write a witty bio about you and why you’d make a good match for others. Think of it as a “first impression” for your profile!

A great relationship on Bumble

What makes a great relationship Bumble is about more than just finding a match. It’s about making sure you’re with someone who has your back and who cares about your well-being as much as you do. 

Delete conversations on Bumble without Unmatching

You can delete the convos on Bumble without Unmatching. The conversation history is removed from both parties’ apps, but if they decide to re-add each other they’ll be able to see this conversation history again.

Guys see your profile on Bumble

Guys see your profile on Bumble

Guys see your profile on Bumble, if they swipe right and match you.

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Bumble isn’t easier for guys

Bumble is not easier for guys, because they cannot initiate a conversation.

Flirt on Bumble

To flirt on Bumble, you need to like someone and then they’ll have the chance to like you back. Both liking and being liked will create a match, which is the first step towards getting messaging privileges with one another. If both of you are interested, you can start texting all the feels!

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The kind of questions you should ask on Bumble

The key to a great date is asking good questions. Lead with what you’re interested in, or try to read his profile and ask questions that relate to that. If your question doesn’t get responses, refine it so it does and try again!

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