What to do if eBay seller doesn’t reply?

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Looking to buy on eBay but don’t know if you can trust the seller? In this guide, I’ll walk you through what to do if an eBay seller doesn’t reply.

I Was Scammed On EBAY – Seller Doesn’t Ship Item

What to do if eBay seller doesn’t reply?

  • If an eBay seller doesnt reply to you and you can’t solve your issue directly with the seller, you can escalate it to Customer Support.
  • Be sure to include any information that supports your case, and keep track of all messages from eBay about the case. You can find out when eBay contacts the seller and how long a case may take to be resolved.
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People Also Asked:

If an eBay seller doesn’t respond

If the seller doesn’t answer you within three business days, send them a reminder message. If they still don’t reply, escalate it to Customer Support.

The length you should wait for a seller to respond on eBay

We recommend waiting 3 business days for a seller to respond on eBay.

eBay sellers respond to messages

eBay buyers tend to be responsive to messages. If a seller never responds or shows no interest in solving a problem, it can be frustrating for customers. It is unlikely that eBay sellers would intentionally ignore messages if they don’t have an answer.

A seller choosing to not respond to an offer

A seller choosing to not respond to an offer

A seller can just not respond to an offer. If you send a seller an offer and they do not respond within three days, the offer is no longer valid.

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eBay sellers ignore offers

Sellers with low or no feedback, or those who don’t want to bundle or use eBay shipping programs may ignore offers because they don’t have enough sales history to view them.

eBay forces a refund

eBay can force a refund, but it has to be done through the help of eBay. They have to look into the case and provide it to you.

Reporting a seller on eBay

You can report a seller if their actions under eBay’s rules of conduct violate the rules or policy of eBay or its affiliates.

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Contacting the seller on eBay

Leading up to an auction, if you want to contact the seller directly, you can. Click the Contact Seller button on the item’s listing page. Once an item has ended, you cannot contact the seller. If the auction result is too late and you still want to purchase that item, use Buy it Now!

Live chat with eBay

You can chat with eBay by using the Chat With Us button on many product pages, as well as in My eBay. When you click “Contact Us” and select “Live Chat,” an eBay expert will help you.

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