What should I do if I find fleas on my Shein order?

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You ordered from Shein and were excited to receive your order. But, upon opening the box and removing the garment bag, there were fleas on your order. This is…unfortunate. Now you’re left wondering what to do next. Simply put, there are a few options open to you.

Spider found in SHEIN package

What should I do if I find fleas on my Shein order?

  • If your order arrives in a damaged condition or with fleas, you may arrange for a Shein refund at any time.
  • Shein will pay you a full refund but bear in mind that this process may take up to 15 business days.
  • Additionally, if you would like to request a replacement product, please contact Shein customer service.

People Also Asked:

Bugs in Shein packages

Shein clothes are good quality but there are bugs in their packages, my first purchase had a small black bug with it, so what I did was to inform the seller and send me photos of this bug and then they sent me a new package without any problems.

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Wash clothes from Shein

You do not have to wash clothes from Shein unless you want them to be smell good. But sometimes, we sometimes forget the they will get damaged by hard water and chemicals. It is recommended that you wash clothes before their proper first use.

Shein clothes run small

Shein clothes don’t run small. We have tried them on, and they fit perfectly on us. That is why we think Shein clothes are the best cheap clothing online! Since their quality is so high, you should buy at least one size bigger than you normally would. So if you are petite, the smallest size would be good for you.

Shein Chinese or Korean

Shein Chinese or Korean

Shein is a Chinese ecommerce company that sells trendy women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products. The website offers a mix of inexpensive (some items seem to retail for thousands of dollars), mid-priced and luxury items

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Shein is Trustworthy

Shein is a trustworthy fashion brand that offers trendy yet affordable clothing in over 100 countries. Enjoy free shipping to local stores near you, plus enjoy fast delivery and easy returns. Shop Shein today!

Drying Shein clothes

You can dry Shein clothes. In fact, we recommend it to keep your items looking their best throughout the years. We recommend drying your Shein clothes inside instead of on a clothesline or outside in sunlight.

Return to Shein

Shein’s easy return policy means that you don’t have to worry about your order. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with an item, simply return it within 30 days of receiving it. We work hard and have set the standard for some of the other sites out there – and we stand behind our quality.

Shein is for millennials

Shein is the hot fashion brand for millennials. Whether you’re looking for casual clothes or a special party dress, Shein offers everything you need at a fraction of the price. The brand offers plus sizes and women’s styles in various colors to suit your taste and style. Shop from this extensive collection and save money with their competitive prices!

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Wear clothes you just bought

It is okay to wear clothes you just bought from Shein. They are good quality and last a long time. I’ve never had one rip or seam come apart on me. I have had some items that shrank in the wash but most of them have fit great and looked good on me!

Getting toxins out of your clothes

Toxins get released from our clothes every time we wash them. The toxin-containing detergents we use to wash our clothes are also released into the water supply, which can lead to environmental pollution. To avoid this problem, use a natural or all-natural detergent. You’ll be able to avoid toxic chemicals while reducing waste and helping the environment at the same time.

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