What pictures should I use for Hinge?

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You’ve just finished writing your profile. You’re looking at the pictures of other users and thinking, ‘what pictures do I use on Hinge?’ Let’s address this question once and for all!

What Photos Get The Most Matches?

What pictures should I use for Hinge?

  • When creating an account on Hinge, make sure that you have six photos uploaded for your profile.
  • First and foremost, be sure to upload a photo of yourself smiling. Take the opportunity to show off your pearly whites!
  • Secondly, upload a photo of yourself taken from the hip so that we can see what you look like full-body.
  • Thirdly, upload some candid shots of yourself in some fun or interesting location. 

People Also Asked:

Using Hinge without a profile

you must sign up for a Hinge profile in order to use our app. This will allow you to explore more people and better connect with others that share your interests. It’s easy: just follow the prompts and enter your first name.

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Hinge photo verification

Hinge does not use photo verification, but we do conduct a thorough social and educational background check of all our users to ensure that all profiles are authentic.

Pictures to use for Hinge profile

If you’re using Hinge to meet new people, the best thing you can do is make your profile stand out from everyone else’s. You’ll want to post multiple photos so you have some flexibility in showing different sides of yourself, like a group shot with friends or a more formal headshot.

Use selfies on Hinge

Use selfies on Hinge

You can and should use selfies on Hinge. It’s a great way to get someone to notice you. Just be careful about posting too many selfies. If you do end up annoying someone, they are more likely to swipe left than right.

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Hinge mission

Hinge’s mission is to bring your dating life back to fundamentals: real connections, with real people. By allowing users to connect through mutual friends and interests, Hinge’s app aims to make you feel more confident and secure when dating.

The number of pics needed for Hinge

Hinge needs 6 pics to make our algorithm work. Upload a few that are your best and we’ll evaluate them for you!

Look of Hinge profile

Your Hinge profile should be a blend of your real life and online presence, however you’re comfortable with sharing. Backgrounds and photos are available for you to use as you like — here are a few tips for taking the best profile pictures possible:

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Knowing if people on Hinge are real

When you meet someone through Hinge, you can rest assured that they’re who they say they are. We do this by verifying everyone who signs up for Hinge, ensuring that the activity on their profile is accurate and that their photos are real.

Hinge Verifies identity

Hinge is a dating app that helps you make real connections. To protect your personal information, we verify users’ identities before they can register an account.

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