What name should I use on Bumble?

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One of the first things you will need to decide when creating a profile on Bumble is what name you should use. Should you create a brand new profile or add your name? The decision isn’t always easy. I have Bumbled as both my actual name and a new one. Both have their pros and cons, but which should you choose?

How to Change Name on Bumble? 

What name should I use on Bumble?

  • Your username, or profile name, is how other people will know you.
  • You can choose your real name if you wish to be more approachable and want to get verified on Bumble.
  • Your Bumble profile is completely private, but the social media accounts linked to it will be publicly available to potential matches once they’ve matched with you.
  • So, using a nickname might not be a bad choice either!

People also asked:

Editing account on Bumble

To edit your account on Bumble, access your profile and select the ‘My Profile’ tabs. Here you will be able to edit all of your contact information, as well as change and add photos.

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Bumble shows your name

In Bumble, your real name is never revealed. Instead, it’s the first letter of your first name. And you can choose whether to make it visible to your matches or not.

Not showing name on Bumble

To hide your name on Bumble, tap the profile icon. Select ‘Personal Info’ and then flip the toggle to Hide your first name.

The name to use on Bumble

The name to use on Bumble

It’s really simple. Your real name is the best choice, especially if you’re looking for a real match.

Using the real name on dating app

Some people think that they should not use their real first name on a dating app, especially if they are certain that their profile is going to be approved by only one person. However, it is still important to keep your profile consistent with your identity when meeting new people.

The blue star meaning on Bumble

When you see the blue star in Bumble, it means that the account is verified by Bumble. Accounts that are verified by Bumble are verified accounts are known to be genuine and have been confirmed through the verification process.

Making a fake Bumble account

Making a fake Bumble account

You can make a fake Bumble account. However, if they detect you as a fake profile after the fact, you will be permanently banned from using their app.

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Someone’s name moderated on Bumble

A user’s name is moderated when the name doesn’t match their profile or Bumble’s Terms of Service. This can include names that may be considered offensive, promote hate or discrimination, or impersonate other users.

When you look at a Guy profile

Guys on Bumble can’t see when you look at their profile. They can only see if you chat with them or send them a message and only after you’ve been matched.

Bumble is good for guys

If you’re a guy who is looking for a quality dating app, then Bumble is certainly worth checking out. The company really emphasizes the female-led nature of it, so the dating pool is smaller than other apps like Tinder and Happn. Bumble is also good for women looking to meet men in their area they wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to meet.

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Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is for finding friends, not dates, and is open to everyone. It’s completely new to Bumble – an easier way to find new friends that matches you with people who share the same interests as you.

A good Bumble bio

A good Bumble bio is all about being genuine, funny and confident. These 3 things go a long way to creating an appealing and relatable profile.

Likes expire on Bumble

Likes on Bumble last 24 hours.

Bumble is worth paying for

Bumble is one of the best online dating sites out there, but some users may be hesitant to use it without being able to access premium features. If you want to access to feautres like Spotlight, SuperSwipe or Travel mode, it is worth it to pay for Bumble Premium.

Girls have to message first on Bumble

Bumble is a dating app that encourages women to make the first move. It breaks the idea that men need to be macho or mysterious and women should wait for their phones to ring.

The Type of Bumble Bio That Guys NEED

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