What makes you unique on eHarmony?

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eHarmony allows you to state what makes you unique compared to other members. Really get inside their head and learn how to make yourself stand out in eHarmony’s eyes!

How Does eharmony Work? A Beginner’s Guide

What makes you unique on eHarmony?

  • The goal of your eHarmony profile is to tell others what makes you special and different.
  • Maybe you’re a photographer, or a cancer survivor, or an avid gardener.
  • Maybe you have a sense of humor that makes you laugh out loud or maybe you love puppies.
  • Share these things with other members in your profile to help them get to know the real unique you!

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Importance of eHarmony profile

Your eHarmony profile is your opportunity to tell other members what makes you different and special. You may have many qualities that make you stand out (and we’ve got a list of the top 20!), but when it comes down to it, your profile is where you need to state things that are meaningful to you and will resonate with other members.

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Use the help of matching experts

Share something that makes you stand out, with the help of our matching experts. Ask your eHarmony expert to help you write a profile that will make you stand out from other members.

The eHarmony personality test

The eHarmony personality test is designed to help you reflect on the things that make you special. The more honest and authentic you are in your profile, the more accurately we can match you with other singles who share your core values and beliefs.

When you send a smile on eHarmony

When you send a smile on eHarmony

When you send a smile on eHarmony, we’ll reach out to the person who caught your eye—and help you craft a unique message that shows off your personality and sparks a conversation.

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Saying goodbye on eharmony

People say goodbye on eharmony because they have reached the end of the free membership. We give them a chance to review their matches and see which ones are still available when you log back in, but anyone who does not sign up for our premium membership will no longer be able to access their account.

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Waiting for a response on eHarmony

If you’re active on eHarmony, you might be wondering how long to wait for a response. We recommend that you wait a couple of days to see if your match is interested in communicating further. If you haven’t heard back, we encourage you to reach out again.

eHarmony is still popular

eHarmony is still super popular, because it promotes a marriage in which the couples share similar values. It also screens its members based on religious beliefs and life goals.

The eharmony Matching System

The eharmony Matching System is based on over 30 years of research and development. We are continuously reviewing our algorithms to ensure that we pair people with the highest percentage of long-lasting marriages.

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