What kind of drug test does Amazon do?

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Amazon requires pre-employment drug testing. For a little while I was a bit mystified as to how they got the information and took the test. But it’s pretty simple really, and here’s how they do it.

Amazon Drug Test

What kind of drug test does Amazon do?

  • Drug test for Amazon is completely dependent on what kind of job you have and where it takes place.
  • The most common type of drug test is a urine test.
  • However, some positions may require a mouth swap or hair follicle test as well.

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Kind of drug test Amazon use

Amazon drug test is done by mouth swap and urine. Mouth swap can detect alcohol usage, marijuana and cocaine usage, nicotine patches and other drugs. Urine has to be collected in a cup and sent back for the testing

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If I fail a drug test

Amazon will tell you if you fail a drug test. Amazon uses the same technology that companies like UPS use to test for drug use in their drivers, so don’t count on them to keep your secret

A mouth swab drug screen

A mouth swab drug screen can determine if a person has used drugs within the past 24-48 hours.

If I pass a drug test

If I pass a drug test

If you pass your drug test, you will be notified via email. If your results are positive, the confirmation documents will include a printable result notification letter and an explanation of your drug test results.

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Amazon drug test results 

Drug test results vary for each individual. While most tests provide testing results within 3-5 days, Amazon drug tests can take up to 6 weeks.

Amazon pays every week

Amazon does pay every week. A typical cycle for Amazon is every Thursday or Friday. You should receive payment in the bank account you provided on your account or via direct deposit.

Time it takes for Amazon to get back to you after an interview

It takes Amazon a little over a week to get back to you after an interview.

It is hard to get hired at Amazon

Amazon is really selective to hire good employees because they want their company to be the best online store. Their hiring process is rigorous and time-consuming, but if you love the products that Amazon offers and want to work for a prestigious tech company, then it will be worth it!

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The number of Amazon interview rounds

Amazon has one of the largest interview rounds out there. The first round is a 30-minute video interview, including your resume presentation and a few behavioral questions. If you get through this interview, Amazon will move onto the next interview round: either an onsite technical or coding challenge. If you pass both rounds, they’ll invite you to continue with a further competency-based interview.

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