What is unique about Hinge?

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What is unique about Hinge? Plenty, but here are three standouts.

Hinge vs Bumble ⚔️ What dating app is better in 2022?

What is unique about Hinge?

  • Hinge is a very detailed and unique dating app.
  • Hinge allows you to get deeply personal, and like the profile you read, suggested questions are all about getting to know somebody.
  • In addition to being able to communicate with people who interest you and have been selected by the dating algorithm, users can also leave comments on other users’ profiles and photos in order to initiate actual conversations.

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Hinge is the best dating app

Hinge is the best dating app because it’s real, thoughtful and safe. Unlike other apps, we don’t match you based on your likes or preferences. Instead, Hinge helps you connect with people who like what you like—by looking at your Facebook profile instead of just asking questions. And since we require a Facebook account to log in, there are no fake profiles or trolls that might sidetrack your experience.

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Hinge a modern-day app

Hinge is a relationship app for the modern day. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, or just trying to get out of your current relationship, Hinge will help you find the right match.

Hinge is so much better than Tinder

Hinge is so much better that Tinder because we match you based on your mutual friends and shared interests. We’re a better matchmaker: we’re literally friends with your friends, so we know them better than anyone! Plus, everyone you see has already been vetted by your mutual friends, so we all have something in common to start the conversation with.

Hinge uses Facebook data

Hinge uses Facebook data

Hinge is the only dating app that exclusively connects you with your Facebook friends, so the people you’ll meet are real, not just from other dating sites. With Hinge, our goal is to create a fun, safe space where you can meet and fall in love with someone who lives nearby—or even better, down the street!

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Hinge and Bumble

Hinge and Bumble are two popular dating applications. Both provide free access to their services, but each comes with a different subscription plan that you can buy as an upgrade. The most notable difference between them is how they deal with unwanted messages. The basic Hinge plan allows users to block people, while people on Bumble must start all new conversations in order to prevent contact with people who aren’t interested in them.

The first message on Hinge

The first message on Hinge is about more than just introductions. It’s about a conversation starter and the chance to get to know each other before the date.

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Sending and receiving roses on Hinge

A rose is a great way of showing you’re interested in someone on Hinge. The more people you connect with, the more roses you’ll receive, so don’t be surprised if your timeline fills up. Send out roses with care and get to know each person well before making any judgments about their taste in roses… or anything else!

Dating on Hinge

Dating on Hinge is easy and fun. We automatically match you with people who you might like, based on what they like to do. You can “like” someone if you think they’re cute, or send a message. If they like you back, then it’s a match! You can then chat and maybe make plans for a date.

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