What is the average age on eHarmony?

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In this post, we’re asking that age old question — what is the average age on eHarmony? It seems like it’s something everyone wants to know about. But does anyone really know the answer? Let’s discuss some methods to find out.

How To Change Your Location On eHarmony

What is the average age on eHarmony?

  • eHarmony is mainly aimed at adults aged between 30 – 45 years old.
  • When it comes to the average age on eHarmony, it is a little bit different from other dating apps.
  • In general, dating app users’ age are in their 20s but on eHarmony, the crowd is a bit more mature.
  • So the average age on eHarmony is 33-38 years old

People Also Asked:

Changing city in eharmony

You can change your city at any time by simply logging into your eharmony account, clicking on the menu, and choosing ‘My Profile from the drop-down menu. From there you will see ‘Other Details’, click on that, then scroll down to find the section called ‘Change My Location’. Once in this section, choose the new city you want to register under.’

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Who viewed your profile on eharmony

Yep, you can see who’s viewed your profile on eharmony—it’s a free feature. Just click the “View My Profile” button to see all of your views as well as the emails we’ve sent you.

change my profile status on eharmony

To change your profile status on eharmony, go to the My Account section of eharmony.com. From there, log in and use the drop-down menu next to your name at the top right corner of the screen to update your profile status.

Being hidden on eHarmony

Being hidden on eHarmony

If you’re looking to keep your profile hidden on eHarmony, you can do so by adjusting your Visibility settings below. Simply move the green slider to hide your profile.

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Sending a smile on eharmony 

Sending a smile on eharmony shows that you like someone, but you’re unsure of whether or not you want to message them more. It’s similar to sending a wink, except the sender has decided that they’re going to hold back and wait a bit before contacting the recipient.

The average age on eHarmony

The average age on eHarmony is 33-38. Many singles join eHarmony because they want to meet someone who shares their same values and interests.

The high score on eHarmony

A high score on eHarmony is equal to the overall probability of compatibility between two people. Our proprietary matching algorithm includes 29 different compatibility factors, which are all combined into a single number that indicates your likelihood of being well-matched with another member.

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eHarmony and match.com diffrences

eHarmony engineers its algorithms to align with one or more of your areas of most interest. Match.com allows you to match interests, personality traits, and lifestyle preferences. Both services have been around for years in the online dating world, but their customer satisfaction ratings can differ widely depending on what you’re looking for in a partner.

People still use eHarmony

eHarmony is still popular after more than 20 years. It just keeps getting better and better with the latest tips and tricks on dating.

Success on eHarmony

eHarmony has been bringing people together for more than two decades and nearly four million marriages and partnered relationships have resulted from online dating. In fact, over 75 percent of users have found a real date on eHarmony.

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