What is the average age on Bumble?

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Have you ever wondered how old the average user is on Bumble? In this blog, we are going to take a look at data from our recent overview of dating apps.

How To Change Your Age on Bumble!

What is the average age on Bumble?

  • The primary demographic on Bumble is between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • However, there is also a good portion of people in their early 30s and even some in their late 40s.
  • This app has an impressive user base that spans all over the world, though it is especially popular in places like the United States, Canada, and Europe.

People Also Asked:

Change the age setting on Bumble

You can change your age setting on Bumble by going to Settings, then tapping on Account. Here you can set your gender, age-range, and location. When you’re ready, hit save and a confirmation message will be sent to the email you are currently signed in with.

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Turn off the age restriction on Bumble

To turn off age restrictions, you would need to go into your settings and click on the “Age” tab. Then you will select the option “Turn Off Age Restriction.”

The average age on Bumble

The average age on Bumble is between 18-30. If you are looking for something younger or older, we have you covered.

Swipes on Bumble

Swipes on Bumble

You get unlimited swipes on Bumble. And you can swipe right on somebodies profile as many times as you want in one day, so if they don’t come back to look at your profile and accept your match, you can always go back and swipe again.

Putting height on Bumble

You should put your height on Bumble if you want to attract more matches. Studies have shown that men who list their height on dating apps receive more messages, dates and phone numbers than those who don’t.

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Hard to get matches on Bumble

It can be more difficult to get matches on Bumble than it is on other platforms, but this is because we keep you protected when connecting with potential suitors.

Winning at Bumble

The key to winning on Bumble Hinge is all about gaining likes. The more likes you get, the more interest you’ll attract. Each time a match is made our algorithm takes into account ‘likes’ and assigns a rating to every person who’s been liked. The higher your rating, the greater chance of being liked back by another user.

A good Bumble bio

First of all, a good Bumble bio is honest and real. You can use this space to show off your personality and tell people what makes you unique. It’s up to you whether or not you want to share photos in your profile, but make sure they’re high-quality and that they’re appropriate for the setting. For example, don’t share inappropriate photos on a first date (or any dating platform).

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Guys stop responding on Bumble

I think it is a combination of these two things.1. A lot of guys want to create a good impression on their date and they do not think that flaking is going to make a person feel good about themselves.2. I think as well there are a lot of guys who are not getting responses back so they lose interest quite fast because scoring a date might be difficult for them.

The percentage of females on Bumble 

Bumble is 42% female. This is a result of the app’s functions, such as the fact that women have to initiate conversation with male matches.

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