What is the age range for eHarmony?

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Have you ever wondered what the actual age range is for eHarmony? It’s a question many singles have asked themselves (or Googled) at some point in time.

How Does eharmony Work? A Beginner’s Guide

What is the age range for eHarmony?

  • Unlike other dating apps that target users in their early 20s, The age range of eHarmony is primarily late 20s to early 30s. 
  • Nearly 50 percent of eHarmony users are between ages of 28 and 36.
    This makes the eHarmony user base a more mature one that seeks lasting relationships more than anything.

People Also Asked:

Most people age on eHarmoney

eHarmony is a great way to meet people your age. Our members are typically between their late 20’s and mid 50’s.

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eHarmony is for all ages

eHarmony is for any person of any age that is looking for a relationship, including ages 50+!

eHarmony a great place

eHarmony is a great place to meet someone special. We have the largest and most diverse membership database in the industry, which allows us to offer you the best choice of compatible matches for your specific needs.

eHarmony is better than Tinder

eHarmony is better than Tinder

eHarmony and tinder have a lot in common in terms of their capabilities as dating sites, however, they approach their users’ needs differently. eHarmony is geared more towards finding a significant other while tinder is all about your next hookup.

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eHarmony isn’t a hookup app

We don’t think so. eHarmony is all about love, romance, and relationships. You can sign up for free today to join the millions of singles who’ve found lasting love on eHarmony.

Finding meaningful relationships

eHarmony is best for singles who are looking for a long-term, meaningful relationship. We encourage our members to think carefully about what they’re looking for and take the time to craft an elegant profile so that we can help you connect with others who share your values, ideals, and interests.

eHarmony is good for 60 year olds

eHarmony is not just good for 60-year-olds, it’s the best dating site out there for 60-year-olds! If you’re tired of online dating and want to give love a second chance, eHarmony is for mature singles looking for a more meaningful relationship.

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The best dating site for older adults

eHarmony is the best dating site for older adults. It focuses on users from 50+ but is a favorite among many singles. You can browse profiles, see who likes you back and message another member for free – no credit card is required to get started. As we all get older, our priorities change – but love shouldn’t have an age limit at all!

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