What is eBay partner attribution?

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We’ve talked about eBay Partnership before but what exactly is their partner attribution program? And, do you qualify for it?

eBay Partner Attribution Program Review – eBay Affiliate Program

What is eBay partner attribution?

  • eBay partner attribution is an easy way to earn commissions on eBay’s marketplace.
  • If you have a website that is relevant to eBay products and services, you can earn additional revenue by directing your audience to sales on their site.
  • eBay’s Partner Network requires no upfront investment and promotes your site through their home page and search engine advertisements.

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eBay Partner Program

The eBay Partner Network program allows you to earn money by directing targeted visitors to the eBay website. When you join the network, you may earn additional money through your own referrals on eBay and by placing banners on your website.

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Start an affiliate on eBay

Set up your eBay account and get a web store front by applying for the eBay Partner Network. Choose from a variety of programs that best fit your needs: Sponsored Listings, Promoted Listings and Product Advertisements.

eBay affiliate is free

eBay affiliate free is free to join. In order to use it, you must register a free account with eBay.

eBay partners payments

eBay partners payments

Becoming an eBay partner is easy and the revenue is generated through commissions for the traffic you send us. We pay our partners on a monthly basis, and there’s no minimum payout requirement.

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Get commission on eBay

You get commission on eBay when you refer a buyer. For example, if someone uses one of your referral links to buy, you could earn up to 10% of the total sale amount.

Affiliate marketing

You do affiliate marketing by first finding a good product to promote and then putting the links on your site. That way, when people click those links, you earn a commission on their purchase.

Sell affiliate products on eBay

You can sell affiliate products on eBay. Just get approved as an affiliate of a vendor, and when you have a buyer browsing your product in a given category, the affiliate info will be displayed as well.eBay has strict rules about what you can charge for shipping and how much, so make sure to follow them!

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Payment from eBay to bank

Payment from eBay to bank normally takes about 2-4 working days.

The percentage eBay takes

eBay takes a 50% commission on all sales, except for auction items listed to sell.

Have a separate bank account for eBay

You should be using a separate bank account for your eBay sales. At the very least, a separate checking account.

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