What is a good opening line on a Bumble?

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I’ve noticed a lot of guys are still having a hard time with the opening line on Bumble. What is the best first message to send on Bumble? Or, more importantly: how do you write that perfect first message to start a conversation with that cute girl?

How to START a Conversation on BUMBLE

What is a good opening line on Bumble?

  • A great way to get a good response from someone you’re interested in is by starting to chat with a funny opening line on Bumble.
  • One of the best ways to make someone laugh is through humor, but don’t be offensive or rude.
  • In fact, a funny joke about the COVID pandemic could work great for cracking up a potential partner without offending anyone.

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Great first Bumble message

If you’re going to make a great first impression, you’ll need to think about what to say in your Bumble message. There are tons of dating apps out there now, and most of them have a standard formula for matching people. It’s not always the same method that works for everyone, so keep these tips in mind when approaching a new match on Bumble.

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No pressure on Bumble conversations

You’ve matched with someone on Bumble, and you’re ready to reply. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share jokes. We like to think of Bumble as a conversation with none of the pressure that comes from approaching someone in person. Relax!

Good first response on Bumble

Good first response on Bumble is a compliment. Compliments spark conversation and can give you insight into the person you’re talking to. Make your compliment personal and specific: “I like your glasses” is better than, “You’re cute.”

Good first question to ask on Bumble

Good first question to ask on Bumble

A good first question to ask on Bumble is “What are you working on?” or “What do you like to do with your time?”

Good opening line on a dating app

If you’re looking for a great opening line, we suggest something like, “Hey!”, or “Do you want to meet up somewhere?” and ask them out on a date.

Texting a girl on Bumble

How to text a girl on Bumble: The first rule of Bumble is that only women can send the first message, so there’s no fear of getting shot down immediately. However, there are also no hints that she’s read your message unless she responds.

Example of first message on Bumble

Example of first message on Bumble

Hi! I’m ___ (name). Sorry to bother you but can I just say hi on Bumble? I was looking at your profile and it looks like you might be someone I’d like to get to know, so if you have time maybe we could connect 🙂

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Questions appropriate to ask on Bumble

On Bumble, you can ask anything. The more you know, the better your first date experience will be. Ask them where they are from and how they spend their free time. Just remember that a question is the best way to get someone talking.

Good response to hey

Hi is a great response to hey! It’s casual, friendly, and lets the other person know that you are listening.

Talking properly on Bumble

To start, it’s important to set the tone of your responses by answering questions directly and politely. It’s also a good idea to talk about topics you liked or found interesting in their profile. A conversation won’t always start with a question from the person. You can ask us any questions using “How can I talk on Bumble?” Have fun and remember: reading the profiles of both users before chatting is key!

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Talk dirty to guys

Ladies if you want to get a guy’s attention, talking dirty is the way to go. Get him excited about the conversation by dropping in some really sexy lines.

Duration of chat before dating

You should wait 3-7 days before suggesting meeting up in person. This gives you ample time to get to know your matches better and build a connection through Bumble chat.

Asking a flirty question

Ask a flirty question by using a “would you” or “can you” phrase in the sentence. This will focus on the other person and make them feel more comfortable.

The importance of conversations on Bumble

Conversations are the heart of Bumble. They’re where you get to know each other. And because you can only talk to someone if they match with you, it’s a much more personal conversation than on a dating app or social media platform.

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