What is a compelling eBay bio?

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What is a compelling eBay bio, you ask? It’s one that makes people want to click and visit your eBay store. Use these tips to craft a bio that sells on eBay.

How To Change Your Profile Picture on eBay

What is a compelling eBay bio?

  • A compelling eBay bio is the first part of your listing that buyers will see.
  • It should appeal to them and make them want to click through and shop for your items.
  • Also, it is one of the ways you can differentiate yourself from other sellers by adding personality or humor or talking about what inspires you.

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A good eBay bio

A good eBay bio is short and sweet. Think of it this way: You’re selling something you love, not yourself. Tell buyers why they should buy from you, not how great you are.

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Importance of eBay bio

Your eBay bio is a great place to use your unique personality and style. It’s a big part of how customers will get to know you, and can help them decide whether or not they want to buy from you.

Adding a picture to eBay account

To add a picture to your eBay account, go to My eBay > Account > Edit Personal information and then scroll down. Next, click the Upload photos button, then follow the prompt onscreen to add your picture(s).

Change eBay profile

Change eBay profile

To change your eBay profile, log in to My eBay and select Account. Under the Account tab, select Personal Information and then choose your profile preferences to update your display name, location and more.

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Finding a profile on eBay

To find a profile on eBay, you can simply start typing the member’s username into the Search box and select their name from the results.

Changing profile name on eBay

You can change your profile name on eBay. To change it, go to your “Account” tab and click on “My eBay.” Then, click on your username at the top right of the page and select “edit my name.”

eBay profile picture

Your eBay profile picture is the first thing potential buyers will see on your listing. It’s important that it looks professional, because it may be the only thing they remember when they look back at their search history or decision-making process.

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The size of eBay profile picture

Ebay’s profile picture is a square that is 180 by 180 pixels. This size is recommended for the best quality photo. You can use digital cameras, smart phones and webcam applications to create your profile picture.

Making eBay description look good

If you want your eBay descriptions to sell, you need to focus on the things that buyers care about most: price and quality. To keep the buyer experience consistent, we recommend adding “AS IS” in all of your listings, as well as adding free shipping on all items.

Putting Instagram on eBay

You can connect your Instagram account to eBay, making it easier for buyers to find you on eBay and view your social media posts.

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