What happens if I void a shipping label on eBay?

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I recently had a reader ask, “What happens if I want to void a shipping label on eBay? When I go to eBay and click the ‘Print Shipping Label,’ it gives me the option to check out or print. If I choose ‘print’ it then lets me void my shipping label. Does this cancel my transaction?”

How to VOID or Cancel a Shipping Label on eBay!

What happens if I void a shipping label on eBay?

  • If you void a shipping label on eBay, it will show as voided and cannot be used to ship.
  • The status does not indicate, however, if any reimbursements have been issued for the label.
  • You can log into the carrier’s website and see any reimbursements that have been paid for the label.

People Also Asked:

Getting a refund for a voided shipping label on eBay

If you void your eBay shipping label, you will not be charged a fee and your refund will show up on your account in 1-3 days.

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Canceling a shipping label

You may cancel a shipping label within the cancelled period. This is usually within 7 days of when you placed the order or 3 days after you’ve signed for delivery. Use the ‘Cancel Shipping Label’ link in your cart to see if you are eligible to cancel.

Redo a shipping label on eBay

You can redo a shipping label on eBay by going to My eBay > Sold and checking the “Print Shipping Label” box. Then, you can choose which account to use and check out!

If I don't use eBay shipping label

If I don’t use eBay shipping label

If you don’t use eBay shipping label, we’ll let buyers know that you don’t offer eBay branded shipping labels. In addition, costumers will not be able to print your shipment labels through “Track package”.

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If eBay postage is wrong

If the postage is wrong when you print a shipping label, we’ll contact you to ask for proof of postage before sending your item. Most sellers on eBay go above and beyond to ensure that their postage meets our guidelines. If your delivery label has less than 90% of the correct postage amount, eBay will charge your account for the missing amount.

if package weighs more than shipping label EBay

Your shipping label will automatically be calculated by weight and location. If your package weighs more than the shipping label EBay has calculated, you will be able to purchase additional postage on PayPal or at a post office (if necessary).

Shipping labels so expensive on EBay

There are a few reasons why shipping labels on EBay are so expensive. The first is that eBay uses their own software and systems to process, track and print shipping labels. This means that although the seller’s profit margin can be high, eBay does not pass this cost on to the seller by offering subsidized rates for printing labels

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Canceling a UPS shipping label

You can cancel a UPS shipping label by contacting UPS directly. There are three ways to contact us: Call the UPS Customer Center at 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) or 0800 694 3584 from outside the US and Canada (closed on major holidays). Speak to an available customer service agent

The time it takes to get a refund on a voided shipping label

It can take up to 21 days to get your refund once we receive the voided label.

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