What happened to Alexis Sweet’s husband on TikTok?

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Alexis Sweet is one of the most well known TikTok stars with almost 9 million fans… But what happened to Alexis’ husband? Even though Alexis hasn’t spoken about her marriage, I will discuss it and tell you the details — including how they met.

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What happened to Alexis Sweet’s husband on TikTok?

  • Some people believe, that Alexis Sweet’s husband, Forrest Sweet, died in his sleep.
  • But, there are a couple of sources that believe Forrest Sweet passed away in a car accident in Michigan.
  • There is no more proof to make sure which story is right and Alexis Sweet has not talked about this matter.
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People Also Asked:

Alexis Sweet biograpy

Alexis Sweet is a TikTok influencer that can sing, dance and make you laugh. She has over 77000 followers on YouTube, 17.7K subscribers on Instagram and 1M followers on TikTok

The number of followers Alexis Sweet have on TikTok

Alexis Sweet has almost 1 million followers on TikTok.

Alexis Sweet have childrens

Yes! Alexis Sweet has 2 children. Their names are Alexis and Maxwell and they’re both girl and boy respectively.

Alexis Sweet is alive

Alexis Sweet is alive

Yes Alexis Sweet is alive. She has 2 childern and lives in Detroit Michigan

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Aleix Sweet popularity

Aleix Sweet is a popular social media star.

Forrest sweet accident on Cheboygan Michigan

Alexis Sweet’s husband passed away in a crash in Cheboygan Michigan.

The number of followers good for TikTok

The number of followers good for TikTok

You could have anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 followers on TikTok! Some brands have even had more than 10,000 followers on TikTok so a healthy following will help get you noticed by many new people.

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1500 views is good on TikTok

1500 views on TikTok is very good. Keep up the good work!

2 million views enough on TikTok

2 million views is very good on TikTok. Depending on how much time you’ve spent on the platform, a video that has garnered 2 million views means that it has been viewed somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 times in total.

Following someone on TikTok

You can follow someone on TikTok. Tap on the profile you want to follow and tap the Follow button.

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