What font does Hinge dating app use?

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Ever noticed that Hinge uses a specific font on their app? What font is it? How good is it for mobile reading and conversion rates? In this post, I will share details about what font Hinge uses, how it affects your reading experience, and how you can incorporate it into your app.

Hinge Dating App Review 👍🏼👎🏼

What font does Hinge dating app use?

  • Hinge’s dating app uses the sans serif typeface Modern Era by Omse font.
  • It’s used in the notifications and sent messages, but also as the body font on the site itself.
  • In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, they found that this typeface is perceived as more approachable, giving Hinge an advantage over traditional dating apps.
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People Also Asked:

The font of Hinge

Modern Era by omse type is the font used on Hinge’s website and chat.

The font is Bumble app

The font used on the Bumble app is “Handlee Sans” by Fontshop. You can download it from Fontshop.

The most common sans serif font

The most common sans serif font is Arial, as it is available on virtually any computer operating system.

The designers of Hinge app

The designers of Hinge app

The Hinge app was designed by a team of professional designers and engineers with expertise in design, front-end development, and product management.

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A good Hinge profile

A good Hinge profile has a few key elements: attractive photos, a clear summary and unique characteristics.

Stand out on Hinge

You can stand out on Hinge by being a little different. Whether that’s sharing unusual details about yourself, standing with a question instead of a statement, or just showing up to meet-ups around the city!

Getting notified on Hinge

Getting noticed on Hinge is simple. We let you know when it’s your turn to message the person you’re matched with so you can get the conversation started and make a great first impression from there.

Hinge aims for dating not hookups

Hinge is definitely a dating app! Hinge is focused on providing you with recommendations of matches that are friends of your Facebook friends and neighbors in your city. And, you can’t be friends with someone unless you’re connected by at least one mutual connection (Facebook). In other words, it’s considered a match between two people who know people in common. Sounds like dating to me!

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Hinge prompts

Your Hinge prompts are what you would like to ask your match. It could be anything from “Hey, how’s your day going?” to “If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?” Make sure that you choose prompts that work for you and that you can answer enthusiastically and sincerely.

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