What does visitors mean on eHarmony?

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Visitors. It sounds pretty innocent, doesn’t it? But I think visitors is one of those eHarmony jargon terms that you should know what it means.

How Does eharmony Work? A Beginner’s Guide

What does visitors mean on eHarmony?

  • Visitors are members who have visited your profile.
  • When you visit another member’s profile, your name will be visible in their visitor list too.
  • Unless they’ve blocked you or set their visitor list to private.

People Also Asked:

If someone favorites you on eharmony

If you are using eharmony, then you might want to know if someone favorites you. This is really good when you start getting matches and want to know who’s interested in you.

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A good compatibility score on eharmony

Most experts say 100 or above is a good starting point for people having a marriage made in heaven. Using eharmony compatibility test takes out the guesswork and matches you with compatible partner based on questions you answer online.

The symbols on eharmony

We have a wide variety of symbols to better communicate the intent of your profile and make it easier for us to provide the best matches. The symbols that appear on our site are meant to help us understand you better, make it easier for other members to find you, and help eharmony identify which experiences match most closely with your expectations.

The highest eharmony score

The highest eharmony score

The highest eharmony score is 140, as of May 2019. It represents the extremely positive experience and compatibility between two members’ personality traits, interests, and lifestyle.

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Goodbye meaning on eharmony

Goodbye on eharmony is a polite way of saying goodbye. When your partner chooses goodbye, it means that he’s not interested in any more matches with you at this time.

eharmony matches based on attractiveness

Eharmony match based on attractiveness because they match you to someone you’re likely to click with, not just based on looks alone. They make sure the people they set you up with are compatible by giving you a compatibility score and using your answers to their questions to find people who have similar values and ideas.

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Seeing how many times you viewed someone’s profile on eHarmony

If your visitors list is on, people will be able to see how many times you viewed their profile.

Time it takes to find love on eharmony

The average eHarmony member takes just two months to find love on eHarmony.com. That’s how fast it can happen if you’re honest in your dating profile, and are ready to try an online dating site that helps you connect with compatible matches based on a host of compatibility factors. 

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