What does viewed you mean on Zoosk?

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Have you ever wondered what does viewed me mean on Zoosk? It’s pretty vague and might be confusing at first glance. This post will explain in your terms what a viewed me means on Zoosk.

How Does Zoosk Work – Beginner’s Guide

What does viewed you mean on Zoosk?

  • On Zoosk, the “Viewed You” section is meant to show you who has viewed your profile and when.
  • If a profile with a yellow border is listed, it means that that person has just started viewing your profile (elsewhere on the site, not necessarily on their actual profile).
  • The profiles that have black borders were viewed by this person previously, but please note that Zoosk only tracks how many times people have visited their profiles, not how long they spent there or which specific sections they looked at.

People Also Asked:

When someone sends you a heart on Zoosk

When someone sends you a heart on Zoosk, it means they like your profile. You can respond to their heart by sending one back and start messaging with them!

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Someone read my message on Zoosk

To know whether someone read your message on Zoosk, you can take a look at the conversation thread. If they have read your message, you will see a blue check mark next to the message. If not, the green circle will be empty.

When a Zoosk member wants to hear from you

When a Zoosk member wants to hear from you, it means she’s interested in you and wants to continue the conversation. It doesn’t mean she’s desperate for your attention, so don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Knowing someone blocked me on Zoosk

Knowing someone blocked me on Zoosk

On Zoosk, you can tell if someone has blocked you by seeing if the icon next to their profile has disappeared. If it’s gone, then you were blocked from contacting them.

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When messages disappear on Zoosk

When messages disappear on Zoosk, it means that they have been deleted by the sender. Messages can only be deleted if they have not been viewed by the recipient, so once you read a message, it is gone forever. =

The Zoosk views are real 

All of the views you see on Zoosk are real. If a member has interacted with your message then you can be confident that they are interested in your profile and willing to move forward.

How long someone has been on Zoosk

You can tell how long someone has been on Zoosk by finding their profile and seeing how long they have been with Zoosk.

When you send a smile on Zoosk

When you send a smile on Zoosk, your match will see it instantly. If the feeling’s mutual and they respond with a smile of their own, you’ll instantly be connected! Then it’s up to you to start exchanging messages:

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Zoosk for dating or hooking up

Zoosk is both a dating and a hookup site. Zoosk allows you to search for potential dates and hookups based on your personal preferences including age, location and gender. In addition to matching you with people who match your interests, Zoosk also offers tips on breaking the ice such as common conversation starters, flirting techniques and how to tell if someone is interested in you.

Recently online on Zoosk mean

Recently online on Zoosk means that someone has accessed their account in the past 24 hours. This does not mean the person is still online, or actively using their account at the moment.

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