What does the smiley face mean on eHarmony?

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A smiley face? Why are there smiley faces on eHarmony, and what do they mean? We’ve all seen those little yellow faces on online dating site, so if you’ve ever wondered what their purpose is, prepare yourself to be enlightened.

How does eHarmony work? A Beginner’s Guide

What does the smiley face mean on eharmony?

  • If you want to send a smile to someone you find interesting, but haven’t had a chance to talk with yet, click the smiley face.
  • This lets the person know that you’d like to connect with them further.
  • The smiley is also an invitation; if they see it, they may initiate conversation.

People Also Asked:

The smiley face on eHarmony

The smiley face is a way for you to let someone know you’re thinking about them, but don’t yet have anything to say. If your heart is smiling, so is theirs.

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The checkmark next to a message

When you receive a message and the checkmark appears next to it, that means your message has been sent successfully and should be delivered.

The limited messaging meaning on eharmony

When looking at the profiles of other people on eharmony, you can send limited messages. Limited messages can only be sent to people who you have been matched with, and who are also interested in speaking with you.

When someone favorites you on eHarmony

When someone favorites you on eHarmony

When someone favorites you on eHarmony, it’s a good sign that person likes what they see, and is interested in getting to know more about you.

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A good eHarmony score

Anything above 100 on eHarmony is a good match. This means the two people have a high tolerance for each other, and are likely to form a lasting relationship.

Waiting to respond on eHarmony

There’s no perfect timing to respond on eHarmony to win your matches over. It’s up to you how quickly or slowly you respond. It is open to men and women to set the pace for reaching out. However, we’d recommend waiting an hour or two before sending your first response since it gives your match time to message you if they are actively engaging with other members.

Not getting any responses on eHarmony

Consider that it may just be that you need more time to find the right person. Not everyone is looking for a serious relationship at the same time as you, so take heart and if a relationship is meant to be, it will happen!

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First message on eHarmony

You should start your eHarmony message by introducing yourself, then ask about the person you’re contacting. It’s a great way to get a conversation going.

eHarmony is not a waste of money

Many people think that eHarmony is a waste of money because you don’t get to see matches until you pay. But if that means you don’t get swamped by constant emails and messages from other users, then it’s probably worth the fees to at least take advantage of their compatibility test.

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