What does the heart mean on Life360?

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  • When you make a circle on Life360, to indicate its members on the map, use the heart icon.
  • As a result, you will be able to distinguish them from non circle members.
  • The heart icon becomes more useful as the number of people on your Life360 increases.

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Does Life360 tell you when someone checks your location?

Life360 lets you share your location with family and friends. They will see when you arrive at home or leave for work, and can get directions to your current location. Life360 does not track your location in real-time and does not tell you when someone is checking your location.

Can you tell if someone is on their phone on Life360?

Yes, you can tell if someone is on their phone via Life360. After you connect with your friends and family using Life360, the app will share their location with you, allowing you to see when they are out of range and available for messaging (if desired) – or if they are taking a call (if it’s appropriate).

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What do the different colors mean on Life360?

The Life360 app features Purple and Green as its two primary color representations. However, a lot of subscribers are unaware of what the Life360 circle colors actually imply. The purple tint on Life360 denotes a family member’s most recent journey or drive as well as their location connected to Life360.

What does the circle mean on Life360?

What does the circle mean on Life360?

The circle on the Life360 app is a feature that allows family and friends to see where you are. You can share your location with trusted members, or just with selected people.

What do the symbols on Life360 mean?

The symbols on Life360 will tell you if someone needs help, is at home, or needs to be picked up from school.

What do the purple circles mean on Life360?

The gadget connected to Life360 at specific points throughout the route to record its location, shown by the purple dots on the course.

What does orange bubble mean on Life360?

What does orange bubble mean on Life360?

The location of the spot where a crime was previously reported is shown by the orange Life360 circle.

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How often does Life360 update location?

Life360 updates your location every 2 seconds. This allows for real-time alerts, notifications and fun features like the location of your family members on a map.

What does a GREY circle mean on Life360?

A GREY circle means that a family member has not updated their location, and their Life360 connection is not up-to-date.

Can Life360 see who you text?

Can Life360 see who you text?

No. Your texts and other communication are secure between you and the other person. Life360 cannot see who you text or how much time you spend texting them.

Does Life360 record conversations?

No. Life360 does not record conversations and our family locator is not a spy app.

What all can Life360 see?

Life360 can see all of your family members’ Life360 devices, their locations and speeds, so you know exactly where they are.

How accurate is Life360 app?

This Life360 app is a very accurate and useful app. It lets you know where your family members are and what they are doing. The app can share location history which is the longest one that I have used.

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How do you know if someone turned off Life360?

The easiest way to understand if someone turned off Life360 is by looking at their profile page. There is a yellow box with a message saying “Location Sharing Paused.” 

How do you make your location stay on one spot on Life360?

To make sure that your location stays on one spot on Life360, use the “Save My Location” option in your Explore location list. When you select this feature and save it, it will always show up in the same spot when you open Life360

Does no location found mean they stopped sharing?

No, it means their GPS signal was interrupted. If their location sharing is still turned on, when they’re able to reconnect they’ll resume sharing their location.

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