What does SSB mean on Snapchat?

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Snapchat is a fun way to send pictures and videos to your friends. On Snapchat, you can open a picture or video from your friend and only have a few seconds to view it and then it’s gone forever. But what does ssb mean on Snapchat? Maybe you’ve seen someone on Snapchat with the letters SSB next to their name. What they mean is that they are using Spectacles by Snap Inc. These are sunglasses which connect to your phone and record ten seconds of video in succession.

What Does SB Mean On Snapchat?

what does ssb mean on snapchat?

  1. This abbreviation on Snapvhat stands for “send snap back”.
  2. This means when you receive a snap with “SSB”, they want you to send a snap back to them by a picture or a video.

People Also Asked:

SB on Snapchat

SB means Snapback! This is when a person sends you a snap, and then you have to reply right away.

NR mean on Snapchat

NR means New Releases on Snapchat. It refers to new product releases that have just launched and are only available for purchase for a limited time.

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DP on Snapchat

DP means “display picture” on Snapchat. Displaying a photo of your face shows the person who you’re chatting with who they are chatting with and that they were actually talking to you, not some random person. This can be helpful if you’re not sure if it’s someone legitimate or a spam account trying to trick you into clicking on links or filling out surveys.

DDM on Snapchat

DDM on Snapchat

DDM is a term used on the social media app Snapchat. The origin of this term is unknown but it means “Death Drop Moment”, which is when you perform a “death drop” or “death drop moment”.

HN on Snapchat

HN is a common abbreviation used in Snapchat that means “happy new year.”

R on Snapchat

R on Snapchat means to replay a Snap. If you’re viewing someone’s story, you can replay a snap by tapping the letter R in the corner of the screen. The image will repeat once or if you tap it again, it’ll replay again and again until you stop it. If a friend sends you multiple snaps within 1 minute and they are still pending, they will play in sequence as if they were one long video.

SMO on Snapchat

SMO on Snapchat

SMO stands for social media optimization, which means using Snapchat to advertise your products.

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SD on Snapchat

SD means Snapchat Daily. It’s a new category that we created here at Snapchat to help our community stay up to date with their favorite Snapchatters

G on Snapchat

The G icon on Snapchat means that you’ve been invited to a Group Chat.

XD in text

XD refers to a type of text communication in which people use parentheses to express excitement or laughter. In other words, it’s used to convey laughing out loud in text.

SS on Tiktok

SS stands for straight shot. It’s used when a video has been manipulated in some way. The most common ways to make it SS are by using a slow motion or fast motion filter, an effect such as cartoonize, or by editing out one section of a video and making it look like someone was mysteriously cut out of the scene.

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SS on Snapchat streaks

SS is the Snapstreak meaning “Snapchat Streak.” A Snapchat streak counter is a count that displays how many consecutive snaps you have sent to the same friend without having an instance where a text message was exchanged between both users.

SRS on Snapchat

SRS means Safe Response System on Snapchat.

RC on Snapchat

RC on Snapchat can be used as a short for Remote Control, as well as for other similar terms.

YN in TikTok

YN stands for Yes, Nope or You’re Neat in TikTok. All of these mean very similar things so they are interchangeable when answering questions on the platform.

DD in text

DD stands for “dear daughter” or “dear friend,” and is often used as a term of endearment in texts.

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