What does SS mean on Snapchat?

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SS on Snapchat stands for:

  1. A common Snapchat code that stands for “snapchat stories.” When you see an SS on the screen, this means you can click on it to open up the story.
  2. In all likelihood, with SS, your friend will have posted the story so you can view what they’re doing right now.
  3. Means “Snapchat score.” This is a measurement of how much content you have sent out and received like.
  4. Snap Sender. It appears when another user sends you a snap.

What does AA and SS mean on Snapchat?

How To Reply To S Snapchat Streak (Quick \u0026 Easy!)

People Also Asked:

What does SS means in a text?

SS is an abbreviation for “same as” or “same to”. It is often used in text message conversations, emails and social media. SS may also be used as part of a username or username generator.

What does SS mean in relationships?

In a romantic relationship, SS means “sleepy snuggles.” This is a term used to express appreciation for the other partner through snuggling, which can occur before bedtime or in the middle of the night.

What does SB mean in Snapchat?

SB meaning in Snapchat stands for Snap Back. It means when you want to screenshot the picture or video that someone sent you. If you wouldn’t like them to know that you have taken a screenshot, then you can take a picture of their Snap, otherwise it is called Snap Back.

What does FFF mean on Snapchat story?

What does FFF mean on Snapchat story?

FFF means First Frame of Fun on Snapchat story. It is an emoji that indicates the beginning of a story post, away from that first you can continue adding more frames by simply clicking on this particular emoji.

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What is GFF in chat?

GFF is an abbreviation for Google Fonts Framework.

What does OTF mean on Snapchat?

The term OTF means “Out for the night” on Snapchat. For example, you can send your friends OTF if you are going out after work.

What is SFS in Snapchat?

What is SFS in Snapchat?

SFS is an acronym for ‘Snapchat Fee Slider’. When viewing the Snapcode on a payment page, SFS will be displayed and can be used as a slider to select different payment methods.

What does FT mean on Snapchat?

FT meaning on Snapchat is Friend To Follow. It is a new feature which allows users to follow or accept follow requests from people they know in real life. This can turn out to be a great way of connecting with your friends, family, near and dear ones after you have connected them through other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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What does HR mean in Snapchat?

HR is the acronym for human resources. HR in Snapchat is used to refer to people who work in the human resource department at a company, or people who are in charge of human resources at an organization.

What does NR mean on Snapchat?

What does NR mean on Snapchat?

The NR stands for no reply and can be used in any of your posts on Snapchat. Using the NR feature allows you to only share content with your friends and not with people you don’t know.

What does SS mean in time?

SS stands for Seconds since the Epoch, a standard point of reference in computer science. For example, when you look at the dates on your computer it is usually displayed as “YYMMDDHHMMSS”. This means that the current date and time are YY/MM/DD, HH:MM:SS. When your computer asks for the date and time it gets answered in this format.

What does SS mean in school?

SS in school is a code for a student who has a special need that allows them to see the special education teacher. They have a plan and will see the teacher as many times as needed throughout the year.

How do you spell SS?

SS is the acronym for “Social Security.”

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What does UWU mean?

UWU is an acronym for ‘Unite the World’s Universities’. The purpose of UWU is to unite a group of top notch universities across the globe, including colleges and universities, who have stellar reputation in their respective fields.

What is overwatch SS?

Overwatch SS is a strategy and execution framework designed to empower your product, sales, and marketing teams to innovate faster so you can deliver more value to customers faster. It can be used by any company that wants to improve its ability to respond quickly in the market with greater agility, consistency, and focus.

What does BF and GF mean?

BF and GF are acronyms used to label whether a person is single and available, in a relationship or married. BF stands for “best friend” and GF stands for “girlfriend.” This means they are both single and do not have another significant other at the time

What does SC mean in Snapchat?

SC is one of the most used features in Snapchat and stands for Story. This feature allows you to create a picture story that can last up to 24 hours, which can be viewed by everyone who follows you.

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