What does “sort by default” mean on Instagram?

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Have you ever wondered what it means when on instagram it displays “sort by default”? Did you assume it meant the photos are to be arranged in alphabetical order? Did you wonder why I just wrote a question that began with “did you”? I’ll explain.

How To Use Instagram Following Sorted By – New Instagram Update ?

what does sort by default mean on instagram?

  1. On Instagram, there are some lists. The order of the lists are managed by the default of Instagram.
  2. Your following and follower list on Instagram is sorted by default.
  3. The default is to show the pages that you have the most interaction with.

People Also Asked:

Default on Instagram

Default is the state of the Instagram profile when you first sign up and don’t connect your Instagram account to a third party program.

Hho looks at your Instagram the most

Instagram lets you see who your followers are and how they interact with your posts. For example, when you look at the “People” tab, you can see who looks at your Instagram the most.

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Instagram show followers in order

Instagram does not show the followers in order. If you click on someone’s feed, it will be displayed in chronological order – the most recent photos first. You can also use the search box to find a specific person or hashtag.

Order of someone's following list on Instagram

Order of someone’s following list on Instagram

The order of someone’s following list on Instagram is based on the hashtags that people use in their posts. There are more than just one hashtag option, so it allows you to display different types of content.

The same person at the top of my Instagram likes

When you see the same person at the top of your Instagram likes, it usually means they could have logged out of their account and back in to yours. Another possibility is that they liked a photo they saw while scrolling through their own feed.

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App to see what someone likes on Instagram

There are apps to see what someone likes on Instagram, like Instafollow and Followliker.

Instagram suggestions based on who looks at your profile

Instagram suggestions based on who looks at your profile

Your Instagram suggestions are based on who you follow. The more people you follow and engage with, the more likely that other people will want to follow them as well. For example, if you like a lot of photos from @nymag and @cnn, those accounts may show up in your suggestions.

Instagram search suggestions based on

Instagram search suggestions are based on what’s popular right now and what your Instagram friends are also searching for. They’re a great way to get inspired, or find new accounts to follow.

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Viewed their Instagram highlight if are not friends

Yes, someone can see whether you viewed their Instagram highlight if you aren’t friends. Just click on the thumbnail of a post to view it and then you will see when it was last viewed.

Someone is always at the top of your Instagram story

When someone is always at the top of your Instagram story, it means they are very active on social media, or that you may need to clear the settings on your phone.

Someone else’s following list

The order of someone else’s following list is based on mutual followers. Follows are prioritized if they were initiated first.

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