What does SMH mean on Snapchat?

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SMH stands for:

  • “shake my head” on Snapchat.
  • It can be used to express disapproval, frustration or bewilderment.
  • For example, if you catch a whiff of a particularly potent stench, you might send your friend an “SMH” selfie.
  • It’s an expression used to show disbelief and disapproval when a friend posts an ugly selfie, texts you stupid content, or posts some random photo on Snapchat.

How to understand Texting Abbreviations!!

What does SMH mean on Snapchat?

People Also Asked:

What are LOL and SMH called?

LOL and SMH are called acronyms. These are words that are pronounced differently than they look, like ROFLMAO. Learn more in this video.

What does MHM mean?

MHM stands for “my home market” and is your home country, state or city.

What does IG mean in text?

IG (Instagram) means that a person is taking a photo on the app and sharing it with their followers on Instagram.

What do SHM stand for?

What do SHM stand for?

SHM are software applications that help to analyze and optimize usage of the facilities by generating various reports as well as providing analysis of energy consumption and other important parameters.

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What does XD mean from a girl?

XD means cute or funny. It’s usually used when someone finds something ironic or amusing. A girl being difficult could be XD because they are just so cute.

What XD means?

XD is a shorthand way to say “goodbye.”

What does DP mean in slang?

What does DP mean in slang?

DP means direct pixel, which is a color value equal to the sum of all the red, green and blue color values in the pixel. Typically this is used when referring to a single channel

What does TMU mean on snap?

TMU is short for “turn my up,” a popular song by rapper Lil Baby.

What does it mean to get DPD?

Getting DPD is a sign that your pregnancy is progressing normally. It can be a bit stressful to wait for the results of this test, but once you’ve taken the time to relax and try not to worry about what the results may show, you should find that many weeks have flown by before you get any news.

What is FB DP?

What is FB DP?

FB DP is a flexible social media image that can help your business stand out on Facebook. An FB DP can be used in ads, Facebook Stories and Messenger bots. FB DP is a thumbnail size 851 x 315 pixels.

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What is DP on snap?

DP on snap is an event in which the snapchat user gets a private story from one of their friends, who then decides if they want viewers for it.

What does 👍 mean from a guy?

👍 means “I like you” from a guy. That’s what it means. Its purpose is to say how much you appreciate someone.

What does PMS mean in slang?

PMS is an acronym that stands for premenstrual syndrome, a term coined to describe symptoms like mood swings and cramps that women experience before their menstrual cycle.

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Is OK rude in text?

It’s OK to use “OK” in text messages. It is proper in all social contexts, but should be avoided in business emails and formal documents.

What does OOMF mean in a relationship?

OMF is a term used to describe a partner in a relationship that is willing to do anything for their significant other.

What does Ty in a text mean?

Ty stands for Thank You. It is used as a way to say thank you for a text or phone call, and sometimes it can be used as a shortened version of “Thank You”

What does LG mean in text?

LG is a stand-in for “lots of good.” The phrase has been used to describe a lot of things, including The Rolling Stones.

How to understand Texting Abbreviations!!

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